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  1. I can't remember exactly where I bought them from but these are exactly the same items. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-20-pieces-19-43mm-4-ohm-19-43-mm-Without-diaphragm-Tweeters-speaker-voice-coil/508259_32812762272.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.49.6caf5ef17HvQ0H or these https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/10-piece-19-43mm-1-silk-diaphragm-dome-Tweeters-voice-coil-4-ohms-100-new/508259_32271734227.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.3.6caf5ef1saAQif
  2. Hi Ferguson, I was working on one similar molested woofer sometime ago and it took me over 5 days picking on the silicon bit by bit. Just take your time and you will get there eventually.
  3. I repaired a pair of 94er sometime ago. The surrounds were indeed on top of the cones and not under. The picture below shows the before image.
  4. Checked the allen key last night, and the best fit I used was the 1/16. I have a problem uploading the picture of the key set. It is made by Draper
  5. I removed the knob using the smallest allen key that I have. It will loosen them with no problem. I can't remember the size. I will check it when I get home this evening.
  6. Hi Adam, Have you checked to make sure that the inside of the pot actually connecting to the outside terminals ? It has happened to me on one occasion after cleaning the pots, they look perfect, but the middle terminal somehow separated slightly from the metal disc inside. I had to put a bit of solder to make good contacts. Congratulations on getting the AR3a as I know they are hard to come by in the UK where I am also located.
  7. The overall height of my stands is just under 21". The legs are made from 2x4 timber and 1" plywood for the top and 2 x 1" plywood for the bottom. I used the leftover materials that I have but obviously you can go with much better wood timber like oak and others. I have painted mine black to match the cabinet colour so it doesn't really matter what type of wood but as long as they are strong enough. Those stands can take my weight with no problem. I have also used some sort of thin carpet tiles - the ones with a soft plastic backing - to go underneath the stand, plastic side down on wood flooring so that you can shift them with ease while trying to find the best location for them.
  8. Welcome Jimmie, Have you tried turning the midrange control back and forth and see if you get any output ? They do go rusty .
  9. This is my AR14 that I refoamed some years ago. I still haven't done anything with the disintegrated foam grills yet. Mostly will make up something using a wooden frame.
  10. As I type, I am listening to the LST with the Xiang Sheng 728a preamp and the Crown xls2502 with the old Sony DVP-S7000 dvd player. With average materials, you sit and think, okay! But with good clear recording, my ears just stood up and WOW, what was that !!! But at the same time, a lot of my old cd have now been packed up and most likely be disposed of. If you can get a sample of the cd I am listening (sorry, in mandarin), you will 'hear' what I mean. Best regards, David.
  11. Hi all, Just had some time today to put a couple of coats of black paint on the stands. They look much better than the original bare timber. The stands now look better matched to the cabinets. Hi Ra.ra, this is my first attempt on the stands, when I gain more woodworking skills, I will try other variations. The stands shown are very similar to John's (xmas111). Best regards, David.
  12. Okay, with all the glue dried and everything not moving. This is my first attempt to put everything together. They do look a bit squeezed at the moment but it is the first time my system look so tidy. I now know what is the meaning of power hungry! They are certainly demand more power than the AR9. How do they sound? So far they sound the best out of the 3 pairs of speakers I have connected. I will listen to them a bit longer before deciding I should retire the AR3a. I will leave the stands as they are until I get time and space to make a proper pair with the proper finish. Here is a picture of the setup. Best regards, David
  13. Forgot to attach the pictures.
  14. First one construction completed. I sat on it and it feels quite sturdy. Thanks lakecat, as you can see that I have turned the front legs 90°. Now onto the next one.
  15. Hi Frank, The chosen height is due to some space restrictions. Once I have made up my mind which speaker can go, then I will adjust the stands again either adding wheels to them to make relocation easier or remake them again with properly cut timber or as in your system get some strong metal stands with the proper height. Best regards, David.
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