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AR 93 impressions?


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a few years ago, some what look to be unmolested AR93's popped up on my local craigslist....I inquired about them, threw out an offer, and the guy was kind of an a$$ and promptly re-listed his ad with a price 1.5x his original asking price (I offered 75% his asking price)....well, they sat and sat, and after many months fell off craigslist...I was afraid he had decided to part them out. well, after about 2 years, he relisted them for 90% his original asking price.

I've kinda been second guessing not getting them for all this time, as I love my AR18's, and these are essentially them on steroids for the bottom octave. so, my question is this....anyone have any or have heard any? JKent, didn't you stumble across some? the price is $90 firm, and I am figuring they'll need a refoam/recap. should I risk the scorn of my wife and pick them up? I want to put together a system for my 4 year old, and I would give him the AR18's (currently on my daughter's system with a marantz 2230) and upgrade her to the 93's.....

thanks in advance for all responses

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Hi there,

I bought a pair of the AR93EQ last year for 50 Pounds Sterling.

They have the same size cabinets to the AR94 but with 2 8" side firing woofers.

They do sound quite good but I haven't used it much as there are too many of them.

They do need a bit of space to breath but not too critical.

I have attached some pictures.

Best regards,






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No--no experience with the 93. I may have mistakenly referred to my 91s as 93s. I also restored some 94Si's but subsequently sold them. The 91s are great, the 94Si was better than I had expected but not great. I'm not a fan of the "sock" covers and if they have rips or pulls they're a bit tricky to duplicate. Only you can decide whether $90 + foams + (probably) caps is reasonable but I think they will be really nice speakers.

David makes a good point: Is your daughter's room big enough for these beasts?

Good luck.


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well, even if they are too small for her room, they're definitely way better than any 7 year old should have ;) I was going to build her some speakers and paint them pink, but I was thinking I could get some lightweight pink knit and sew new socks, and keep the original socks stored safely away until the kids are old enough to appreciate them....

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I've had a pair of 93s since the mid 1980s. I alternate between listening to the 93s and Spendor SP1s. The 93s are nice speakers with a very strong bass. Spendors have less bass but handle vocals better than the 93s.

I have removed the original plastic base from the 93s and have them mounted on a steel frame about the same height as the original base but with adjustable feet in each corner. They have been refoamed twice and I replaced the socks at minimal cost last year. When I bought them they did not have the original tweeters. I replaced with second hand originals a few years ago on your advice Michiganpat. Also recapped the crossovers a couple of years ago.

You won't be disappointed if you purchase them.


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