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First post, a little introduction and an AR4x question


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I grew up with a KLH model 8 radio in the house. It found its way into my room when I was 10. I always thought it was special, but I attributed this to my own perversity. 40 years later, it still resides there in my childhood home and in my heart as well.

These days I have an assortment of tube equipment in my own home, but my question is about some gear in my sister's house.

When I was building an addition to her Seattle home about five years ago I came across what I thought was a nice little set of speakers for $5 at the neighborhood 'Value Village' thrift store. It was a pair of AR4x's. I thought they sounded remarkably good, especially when compared to the comparably sized modern Klipsch speakers I had gotten for her a month or so earlier. The AR's were just easy on the ears.

I am about to make my yearly pilgrimage there and thought it would be nice to go through AR's and freshen them up a bit.

My plan is to recap the crossovers, deal with the level control pot and also hunt for a receiver to replace the serviceable but display challenged Denon unit currently in place.

These are my questions

1) Is there any consensus on reasonably priced caps for this speaker? Should I consider changing values or even building new crossovers?

2) Is there a reasonably priced receiver out there that has a particularly good symbiosis with the 4x's? I am open to new or older units in this regard

They will be used primarily to listen to jazz and classical music at lower volumes in a 14' x 20' room. Sources will likely be radio and CD, but there may well be vinyl in the future.

Thanks, and by all means refer me to previous threads where these issues have been discussed.

P.S./Edit I have looked at Speaker Dave's thread on the subject of crossovers, is this the best way to go?

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Hi Pete and welcome to the CSP!

Re: Question 1). There will never be much consensus on caps. The AR4x uses just one 20uF cap per speaker, so you don't have to spend much. Do NOT change values. Some possible caps would be Dayton or Solen film caps from Parts Express, Erse Pulse X or PEX from Erseaudio. Or from Madisound: Carli caps are economical, or you could use their 60 cent 10uF "surplus" caps (doubled up) or if you want to get fancy, Clarity PX caps for $15.50 each.

Personally I think Erse gives the most bang for the buck, but I love the value of Madisound surplus caps.

On another subject: If you love the KLH Model Eight, please take a look at my restoration guide. It's attached to Post #1 here: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=6387


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I agree with Kent's comments...and would only add that your original caps may be OK if they are "Sprague Compulytics".

The 4x is easy on amplifiers. There are many reasonably priced used units available from all the major manufacturers still available. For your stated purpose, you won't need anything fancy. Keep in mind it will need a "phono" input for the possible future vinyl.


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