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AR 3A AR 5 Midrange


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Need a replacement midrange for a set of AR-5s I am restoring. Can't find any on E-Bay or anywhere else.

Anyone out there got one they want to part with?


Monterey CA

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Hi James

Welcome to CSP and good luck with your project. Be sure to read the AR3a Restoration booklet in the Library section.

A word of caution: Your thread is entitled "AR 3A AR 5 Midrange" but be aware these are NOT the same. As described in the Restoration booklet, the 3a mid is 4 ohms and the 5 mid is 8 ohms.


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Hi there

Just to add my 2 cents worth.

The later AR-2AX's, AR-5's and AR-LST/2's all used the same 3/4" diameter 8 ohm tweeter.

I added this so that less experienced readers can expand their search area.

The AR-5 8 ohm dome midrange driver was also used only in the AR-LST/2.

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