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Found 30 results

  1. >I also recall having read the same detailed information from Stereophile, and I assume its correctness against what appears to be a sort of revisionist article containing conflated timelines, unattributed premises and boot-strapped conclusions. >I've been wishing & hoping for Tom Tyson's definitive AR history for years...would a GoFundMe effort be in vain? —ar_pro Book: The History of Acoustic Research Any and all suggestions and ideas here would be greatly appreciated! Any thoughts about what you would like to see would be great as well. To do a complete history would be difficult, but a history of the "Classic Period," from 1954-1974 (or 1980 perhaps) in one part and the Teledyne/International Jensen/Recoton/Voxx period in another part or in a revised edition. The most important part of AR history is the first 25 years or so. Anyway, please reply with your thoughts and ideas, for example: The best title for such a book? The period covered with this book; part of all? The amount of detail to be included in this book? The size of this book, a small book with 150 pp or so, or comprehensive with perhaps 300 pp? The other questions you might have. There are also many people here on this website with detailed knowledge of specific aspects of AR history and technology. Therefore, give me ideas about how you would like to see such a book. —Tom Tyson 06Jun2017
  2. I have all the drivers and components needed to finish a pair of AR3 speakers if anyone has a pair of empty cabinets or speakers for parts thanks
  3. Hello Friend of Acoustic Research: A documentary filmmaker from New York -- living in the same town as and acquainted with Edgar Villchur -- is making a documentary film on the life of Edgar Villchur. This film producer is Cambiz Khosravi, a well-known documentary producer, and he is well on the way with his project, "Edgar Villchur: The American Inventor." I've helped him quite a bit, and I think the documentary production will be very nice and a great tribute to Edgar Villchur and Acoustic Research. Mr. Khosravi does need any help he can get to cover the cost of the "production stage" of the film, and PBS -- the likely presenter -- will cover the remaining costs. Therefore, Khosravi has set up a funding site: "https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fcambiz.khosravi%2Fposts%2F10217946219041185&width=500" If you can help in any way, it would be fantastic! --Tom Tyson
  4. I found this set of speakers on somewhere. What model are they and what amount should i expect to pay for them? They are said to be in good condition but are around 12 years old the seller says. (images below)
  5. Hi all! Im new here. Anyone pls help me find a pair of AR3 emblems or badges including the # 3 pin. Thanks in advance.
  6. I just inherited a mint pair of AR15 with a pair of 8" woofers marked 135372 (sticker in the back) or 111791 (engraved in the back), which were made in 1991 (per the sticker) and supposedly for the old Bose 301. As is, the sound of the AR15 is already superb. Interestingly, the "Bose" woofers were put in place by Alpha Tech in St. Louis as proper replacement at the time (Alpha Tech's sticker is still in the back). The woofers look like made by Tonegen. So I also wonder if Alpha Tech thought the Bose woofers were suitable replacement for 200001. Alternatively, are there modern woofers that are good or better replacement for the 8" woofers for AR15? I am in particular interested in the offerings from Dayton sold at Parts-Express. Finally, AR15 uses a rather complex crossover network. Would the simpler crossover for AR18 work better? I am thinking noting for the woofer (once a proper replacement is found) and just a cap (5-10uf?) for the tweeter.
  7. Selling 2 x 10inch woofers Ar-2ax 3903-2 Restored with new surround See pic Tested and working 100% The woofers are 4 bolt stamped frame foam edge with soft cones Shipping is from denmark 75usd... ? but not give me a offer... more pic or video can be uploaded if needed...
  8. I have a set in excellent condition with the controller and cables. I am the original owner and they come with the original boxes as well. I would like 500$ for them. They are located in Portland Oregon. They still sound amazing.
  9. Hello ,I have a pair of AR M5 book shelf speakers from the holographic imaging series that I'd like to sell. They're both in very good shape and they sound great, only minor visible wear and tear, and very few scuffs/scratches. It's been very difficult to find price references for these speakers, but on the last few auctions they sold for about $150. I'm looking to get around $150 for these speakers.
  10. Hello All, I am looking for a pair of AR-11 midrange driver screens (with the fiberglas and felt dispersion rings if they are available). Please send a PM to me if you have a set. Thanks everyone in advance for your help. Paul
  11. I was recently walking down 19th St in NYC when I stumbled upon a pair of beautiful AR-3a's on the curb waiting for the garbage men. I couldn't believe it, so I got a cab and loaded them up and took them home. They're in pretty nice condition, and after plugging them in, almost fully working. Unfortunately, one of the speaker's woofers doesn't work. The foam surround looked good, as did the dust cap. There didn't appear to be any air leaks, but it didn't really make any noise except for a very, very faint bass response and a little rattling. I've been trying to diagnose the problem by following the restoration guide, but this is really foreign territory for me so it hasn't been fruitful. I did however, swap the woofer in from the other cab, and it worked perfectly -- so the problem is luckily just the woofer itself and nothing beyond that. To try to get to the bottom of it, I just removed the foam surround and cut open the dust cap to get a look at the leads and voice coil. I unfortunately don't really know what I'm looking at though, so any advice would be very helpful! (Pictures attached) I figure if I can't do this on my own I can always take it to a repair shop or just get a new woofer and still come out pretty far ahead. But it sure would be fun to get this one working. Thanks all.
  12. Recent purchase of a pair of AR-15's and one of the tweeters (200024) is out. I am looking for a working replacement. Thank you.
  13. Hello, Good Folks of Classic Speaker Pages, I am in a bind with one of my AR-8s's and during my research into the problem, a couple of sources on the Internet have pointed back to this website quoting the formidable knowledge base regarding Acoustic Research products. So I hope you can help me! I bought a pair of AR-8s's off my uncle about a year ago, along with an old Cyrus amp as part of a long-term hi-fi project. I used the setup occasionally and it sounded fantastic but it largely went unused. Cut to last Saturday,where I was gifted a record player and decided to hook everything up. But lo and behold, my left speaker wasn't working! I'm getting absolutely nothing from a speaker that was working perfectly and I can't quite put my finger on what the problem is. 1. The negative terminal on the speaker is broken and will not hold the cable, but I am fairly certain that there is a good contact between the copper and the terminal contact (when the cable is wedged in there. Rough, I know). 2. I have removed the speaker terminal assembly and found all of the wiring to be in good order, including the capacitor behind it. The capacitor does show signs of being burnt out (pic to follow) but even that is so minor that it could just be a speck of glue or a mark left from a soldering iron. 3. It's conceivable that the amp output is faulty, thought I suspect I would have noticed a smell of burning electronics once I turned it on. I will post some photos when I get a chance. I am no stranger to a soldering iron so if it was just the cap, I'd be laughing. I would also like to fix the negative terminal but the terminal unit is covered in glue and looks to be a sealed unit, so I would rather hear someone's advice on what to do there before chipping away at the glue. At the end of the day, it can be replaced with hotglue but I would rather go in with some idea of what is going on! Does any of this sound familiar to anybody? Let me know if you need any more information!
  14. I have a set of Acoustic Research 132 (Spirit series 1989-1991) bookshelf speakers. Mine are made under the teledyne AR company before the Jensen takeover. The main problem I have is that a single 8" woofer has been replaced by an old plessey rola woofer, the second woofer is original but needs re-foaming, I was wondering if it would be very difficult to track down another woofer like the original one in the picture? or a replacement pair of similar specs. Just some info the 8" woofer was used in all AR spirit series from 132 to 162 the large floor standing speakers. I'd appreciate your help! n.b. I've asked the same query on other forums.
  15. Hey guys, first post here so please bear with my ignorance. I have recently purchased a pair of 4xa's and seem to have an issue with the tweeter dial at the back. Specifically with one speaker, it crumbles when turned and I can't get it to sound like the speaker isn't playing within itself if that makes sense? Any quick fix ideas, I haven't opened her up yet as don't want to potentially worsen the situation. Thanks! John
  16. AR 98LS Pair for sale in Columbia , SC. Cannot ship these boys but may be able to meet within a reasonable distance. Beautiful speakers, refoamed woofers and mids. See Columbia, SC craigslist ad for more info. Also on ebay http://columbia.craigslist.org/ele/5568028343.html
  17. AR 98LS Pair for sale in Columbia , SC. Cannot ship these boys but may be able to meet within a reasonable distance. Beautiful speakers, refoamed woofers and mids. See Columbia, SC craigslist ad for more info. Also on ebay
  18. I have a chance to buy a set of JBL L65 Jubal speakers, how do they compare to AR 3a's ? I am lucky in that I like both the east and west coast sound.
  19. Hi Folks, So I have stumbled upon a set of Cizek 2s for fairly short money. They appear to be in fairly good shape cosmetically, but are clearly in need of re-foaming at least. I have done a little research on this line and model and it appears to be a fairly respected line and model. What I haven't been able to quantify is the style of the sound this line makes. Very often I see the East coast or West coast reference, but haven't seen that with these. I am a fan of the East coast sound, AR is hand's down my favorite brand of vintage speakers for example. I see the set of 2s as bookshelf speakers in the office maybe, or something like that. Not necessarily in the main system. If I pick these up, I know about the surrounds, but what else can I expect to need to do, or should I do to rejuvenate these specimens? The cabinets do look good, and I just feel like this is a set I should snag as they do appear to be not so plentiful. But with "not so plentiful" comes not so many interested, not so much info and the potential for parts that are unobtainable.
  20. Edgar Villchur: American Inventor, Educator and Writer Miriam Villchur Berg, daughter of the late Edgar Villchur, has assembled two excellent historical websites about her famous dad: edgarvillchur.com and her blog, villchurblog.com. There is a great deal of wonderful Villchur information in these websites, correcting many historical inaccuracies in the Wikipedia website (which I am going to correct soon). Aside from Roy Allison's excellent article, "A Glorious Time," the "best" article is my little tribute to Edgar Villchur: http://edgarvillchur.com/a-tribute/ —Tom Tyson
  21. Compelling AR "Hindsight" Questions: Instead of the 3-way AR-5 with its excellent, expensive midrange and tweeter, should AR have made a good 3-way bookshelf unit using the AR-3a 12-inch woofer and an AR-2ax-type midrange and dome tweeter—at the AR-5 price point—to better compete with (or outgun) the Large Advent? It would use the AR-3a-size cabinet, but it would not include the expensive midrange-dome driver or solid-wood grill molding. It would look like a slightly larger AR-2ax box. As we all know, the AR-5 was (except for deep bass) technically superior to the Advent, but it failed in the market place because of its lack of low-end "punch" and its relatively high price. The AR-3a was definitely (and technically) superior to the Advent in deep bass, but it cost nearly twice as much. Therefore, would a watered-down 3-way, using the heavy AR-3a woofer, been the answer? Another angle: perhaps a 2-way design with a redesigned, Advent-like 10-inch woofer and a new mid-tweeter, capable of a lower crossover? By the time of the AR-14, these things were seriously contemplated, but it was too far down the road to try to catch the Advent's sales advantage. The AR-14's bass fell squarely between the AR-3a and the AR-5. Another angle: should AR have designed the AR-5 with the AR-2ax's cone midrange and dome tweeter, but a more-potent, lower-resonance 10-inch woofer that would be equal to the Advent 10-inch woofer? This woofer would have the same low-resonance response of the Advent, but it would lack the extremely low distortion, potent output of the bigger AR-3a 12-inch woofer. Each of these designs might have cost less than the original AR-5, but looking back, hindsight is 20-20. Would any of these designs been the answer in 1968? Thoughts... comments? —Tom Tyson
  22. I've posted this elsewhere but I'd like as many opinions as possible. I began the process of refurbishing a pair of AR4x speakers that I bought used over 40 years ago. I pulled the grills off to find that one speaker has a particle board baffle and the other is wood. I pulled both woofers and found that the particle board baffle was damaged at one time and badly repaired. It looks like someone used wood putty to fill in damaged spots around two of the t-nuts. As I removed the woofer, one of the repaired portions crumbled. The other repaired portion around the second t-nut is marginal at best. I'm not sure how the baffles are fitted to the cabinets so I'm unsure if a completely new baffle would be possible or if it would be best to cut away the bad portion of the baffle and somehow epoxy new solid wood in it's place. I welcome opinions and suggestions. By the way, I've already treated the cloth woofer surrounds, have a couple of new 20 microfarad caps and two refurbished pots to go in. der
  23. Good Day Friends. I am looking for AR3 cabinets in good to restore-able condition. I have all the drivers needed for the ar3a speakers but lacking cabinets. Please do let me know if you have it.
  24. A couple of months ego I got a pair of AR-16 loudspeakers,made in Sydney Australia under license from AR. They were in a very bad condition,foam surround on both woofers completely gone,cabinet veneer cracked & separated at the seems ,very neglected & unloved. I tried Google for some info. but there wasn't much there.I turned to the classic speaker pages & got some positive & some negative comments .But on the whole not much discussions. To cut a long story short, I managed ( I believe) to bring those speakers back to their original (new condition) with the help of some knowledgeable speaker builder.(New Mundorf bipolar caps of same value as the originals + Mox resistors ).The foam surrounds were professionally done at some expense & the cabinets were refurbished beautifully with Howard restore-a-finish & feed wax something... When I removed the woofers to have them re-foamed,I was surprised & pleased to see a substantial crossover with at least 7 or 8 components of reasonable quality & also noticed black writing on the X'over that says (AR-16 mk2).I did not know that they made mk1 & mk2 ar-16! Anyhow,how did they sound after all this work you may ask. Driven by a fully refurbished stock Dynaco st.70 valve power amp.+ luxman cl32 valve pre-amp.+ Cambridge audio azure 740c cd player,the sound is neutral, pleasant and maybe accurate albeit a touch light on the bass. Pushing the speakers against the wall seems to generate a bit more bass.( Also, tweeter roll off position selected at the back). The thing that I don't understand is why so much fuss about the AR 4x when the AR-16 sounds (to my ears at least) so much better! Clearer,more extended treble , excellent mid-range & useful bass,in general more focus & more details. No muddy bass & muted highs that I used to get from the very popular ar4x. Although the 4x has a nicer cabinet! I must say I'm beginning to appreciate & like the sound those (unloved & underrated) loudspeakers make. I would like to hear the views of members who used the AR -16 at some stage. before after
  25. My modest collection, as well as most classic AR speakers I have ever encountered, are clad in real walnut veneer, which was sold as "oiled walnut" (for my 4x's and 2ax's). I know that toward the end of production of this series, when manufacturing was moved out of Cambridge to Norwood, several of the models (notably AR-6, AR-7 and AR-8, I believe) were offered with a simulated walnut vinyl cladding. Also, I think I read somewhere on CSP that some speakers during this period may have had a cladding that was indeed real wood with a walnut appearance, but was, in fact, not real walnut veneer. Methinks I read that it may have actually been birch veneer with a walnut stain that almost convincingly recreated the beloved oiled walnut appearance. My question is this: when a speaker from this era has a tag that states "walnut grained", is it actually clad in wood veneer made to appear as if it is walnut, or is this an unfortunate moniker for the vinyl downgrade?
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