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Hello Fellow Audiophiles,

Newbie here ;) .

I need some help to identify a very old AR speaker. The speaker was my dad's and he purchased it back in the sixties. I use to know the model, but as years have passed so has my memory.

As shown in the picture of the nomenclature label half of it has been ripped away and so went the model.

The one pic shows the connection points. With the enclosure having the two distinct connection points I thought I could find a reference pic some where to identify it, but I've had no success.

So I'm hoping that someone here can help me identify this oldie, but goodie.




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Thank you for your reply xmas111,

I actually saw this speaker on EBay.

Although there seems to be a distinct difference in the connection point where my rheostat is. The EBay AR-1 has no rheostat and has 7 connection thumbscrews in the one area. My speaker has 3 connection thumbscrews and the high frequency rheostat. So unless they made the AR-1 in these two variations I'm not sure mine is an AR-1 :unsure: ?

Maybe someone else has an idea of what I have. Quite possibly mine might be an AR-1, but another series of AR-1 with this variation? ;)

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Yes, there were two versions of the AR-1. The early version adjusts tweeter level by moving the jumper to different positions that put different resistors into the crossover. The later version replaces the jumpers and resistors with the level control.

Both versions should also have another jumper that puts a resistor in the circuit that changes it between 4 and 8 ohms.

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Thanks for the info. I thought this might be the case, but I really had no idea.

There were 2 types that I've been able to look up.

AR-1/1U Introduced 1954 Discontinued 1962

AR-1W Introduced 1954 Discontinued 1961

So I guess my question has been answered, thanks to Genek and Xmas111 for their help.

Now I will decide if I want to do a refinish and restoration on this oldie but goodie. I may even decide to sell this old fellow as is if I can bare to part with him.

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