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Allison Website No Longer Available


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Yes, it's too bad. That site has been up but non functioning for quite a while. A couple of weeks ago some ebayer described the Allison line and said that Roy Allison had passed away. That sparked some discussion on the Yahoo Allison forum, and Roy himself posted a message saying reports of his death were exaggerated :-)

Unfortunately, reports of the death of the company are apparently true :-(

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>I attempted to access the Allison Acoustics website tonight,

>but received a message that it was not available. I checked my

>settings and refreshed, but to no avail. Looks like Allison

>has come to the end.



Hi Brian,

Well, I was about to post to allison-loudspeakers at yahoo groups and then a day later the allison site popped up again.

It's working.....try again.

I have been collecting Allison parts for a number of years now not anxious to be without spares.

My Allison system totals 21 drivers plus 1 Non Allison subwoofer so I would be up "'s creek without a paddle if I had no backup.

No word yet about the famous China overseas production.

One can hope, but not hang around.



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Hi there;

Well at least the good news is, Roy F Allison is still alive and well.

That still allows room for hope for the future.

I am sure that if he saw my own name in print he would probably say, "oh", that guy, he was a real pain in the you know what, writing every week at AR." lol

A true gentleman he is.

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