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Finished the 2ax project! Thanks!!


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One pair of beat up AR2ax speakers on Craigslist…..$15.00

New grille cloth, badges, capacitors, refoam kit, and assorted hardware……$90.00

Expert advice, helpful hints and new friends on the classic speaker pages….PRICELESS!

The 2ax project is finally finished and it has been both fun and a learning experience. I could never have done it without the help and guidance I got from forum members, especially John and Roy—I can’t thank you enough! I have a pair of 4x’s I picked up on eBay for $21.50 (local pickup) and they will be my next project (well actually my Allison Fours will be next. Plan to get them in mint condition to sell on eBay so I can buy more ARs!!).

Pics are attached. Got a refoam kit with excellent directions from MSound. Zen caps from North Creek. Cleaned the pots with a little wire wheel chucked in my Dremel, followed by treatment with DeOxIt Red, then Gold. The cabinets were beat, so I washed them with Murphy’s Oil Soap, cleaned them with alcohol. I cut thin pieces of walnut to patch the veneer where I could. Nicks, chips and gouges were filled with a mixture of walnut sawdust and dark carpenter’s wood glue. Cabinets were sanded with successively finer grades of sandpaper, ending with #400. Several coats of Watco oil were applied and rubbed out. I may use oil and steel wool for a final application. The warranty cards were pretty beat, so I removed them and glued a sheet of paper the back of each, then stapled them back on. The white labels were reglued where they were loose and coated with a thin coat of white Elmer’s glue. The grille cloth was replaced with linen, and finally new badges, purchased from a helpful forum member were applied.

I’m very pleased with the results (see the before shots for comparison). And they sound sweet!



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Guest postjob62

A really nice job indeed!

If you have the time, it would be helpful to me and possibly others if you could post a close-up pic of the veneer patch and perhaps tell a little about how you accomplished it.

Which color Watco did you use?

Again, congratulations.


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The Watco oil was “Teak Oil” which is what they had in the hardware store. I have used Minwax Tung oil in the past, but as one contributor here mentioned, that’s kind of shiny. Boiled linseed oil is another possibility, and I've seen beautiful work with urethane varnish.

The walnut veneer is cut and inlaid, and the results depend on the skill level of the worker. I’m strictly amature, as close-up shots reveal. Luckily the work is not usually scrutinized. I used a scrap piece of solid walnut and a chisel to shave off thin pieces. You can see a dark patch along the edge of the veneer patch—that’s walnut sawdust & dark Elmer’s wood glue to form a paste. In retrospect, the yellow Elmer’s would probably have been better.

A better/easier way to do the veneer patch may be to use walnut edge banding sold in hardware stores and lumber yards.


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