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  1. They are gorgeous! Can you redo my cabs for me? I have original tweeters and mine are bass heavy - but it's what I love about them. I use 13" VPI center speaker stands. They seem to be perfect fit.
  2. I doubt any reconing kit would have correct compliance spider anyway. Glad you got the fixed!
  3. I found my Sansui gear to be very synergistic with my AR 3a's - as well as 2AX. Have a Sony 6065 (60 WPC 8 ohms) that's been racapped and does well but not the same grasp of that woofer as my Sui 890DB (Euro 8080DB). I also have a 9090DB and 881. Sansui + AR is match made in heaven! I think the secret to Sansui is in the PT's - at least these vintage,
  4. Wondering if it's going to be better to clean or replace these pots. Anybody have experience replacing with new? See these are available: http://www.opamp-electronics.com/catalog/ohm-linear-taper-potentiometerpot-shaft-p-1002.html
  5. Got the crossover out. Pots look tight. Not sure I see any openings for Deoxit'ing.
  6. I love this song and album too. Great test song. More jazz try Spyro Gyra from In Modern Times - River Between. Bass as low as it gets without organ and nuances that can really tell you what your speaker's doin'. For plain musicality I always play Van Morrison Into the Mystic. Love that song. Loreena McKennitt Night Ride Across The Caucasus And of course I always Give Abbey Road a spin
  7. Curious as well. I use to get into testy exchanges with Zilch on the subject. Not being well learned on the science and nomenclature of audio I made many mistakes. Talking about "accuracy" and other things. But why do AR 3a's sound so good so right? I have a restored pair of Theil 03a's that I'd think are in same ballpark as B$W. Even with their active EQ making bass similar to AR's, I can't listen to old Beatles. They sound thin and unwelcoming. But on AR's I could listen to old Beatles all day - preferably my Mono Box Set.
  8. Shacky

    Help, Please

    Very interesting. I have a pair of 4X's in my office currently. Had newer 20 uF cap that I left in place. Put some cleaned up original pots from my 3a's. They sound pretty good. Definitely in the AR family. Would love to hear them next to your Avid-AR project.
  9. Nice Carl. Were these from mine?
  10. For comparison here's my first pair. Sound great but second pair is better. Culd just be better condition drivers in play I just don't know.
  11. I don't know if this was main reason my second pair sound better or not. I did a couple things different including bypassing mid and tweeter caps with PIO 0.047 uF, updating binding posts, and in general had more experience from first pair. But I did leave these large can caps in place. Ask anyone who heard them at last year's AK get together in Rochester, NY.
  12. Got a woofer out. Lots of fiberglass stuffing - and no screens on woofer. I'll weigh the damping for reference. Also my first look at crossover. Looks like same cheap caps KLH used. Want to get this board out so I can recap. Also more pics added to link in first post.
  13. If either has the large can cap don't thow it out. They are great caps. I've had good luck with Solens caps. If replacing the large ones I've used Dayton but like the pair I have with original cans the best. Fantastic speakers!
  14. Realize this is an old thread. Just picked up pair of Ones and wondering if my Eico F-81 could be good match 6BQ5 about 14 WPC.
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