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? About plastic film on AR badges.


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Mine didn't have plastic when I got them although they may have when they were new. They were all corroded, I cleaned them with red Scotchbrite which worked fine. The red lettering was recessed into brass and was unaffected. I sprayed a light coat of clear paint to keep them from corroding again. 

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From my experience and from the photo you posted, the brass under the protective cover did its job well, except for the small top corner... I'd leave it at that.
If you remove the cover, the writings are not damaged, but (they are painted, but the engraving of the same prevents damage) residues and opacity of the adhesive on the cover remain... difficult to remove except physically* or chemically (with this alternative, easily alter or melt the paint of the lettering).
To help you, I am attaching a link to an Italian site of which I am a member (use Google translate to translate the explanatory text on my badge renewal technique!), if you want to skip the irrelevant one the part dealing with badges is almost at the end
However, I am attaching only one photo (I have almost exhausted the possibility of inserting photos here where you can see some renewed badges with others preserved: AR2ax and pair of ARxa,  and one in particular of AR7 below which I voluntarily leave original with plastic cover!.




13 hours ago, dmac said:

I have a pair of AR 2AX and there is thin clear film on the badges. Wondering if this can be removed and discarded. Or will I peel off the lettering? Photos may help



* Physically...the satin finish of the badges is horizontal!!, with my simple advice, the final aesthetic effect is like new, also like the final surface processing!


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