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What cables to use?

Robin Auren

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I am not the guy with the most speaker knowledge or the bedt in english so i appologize in advance, i recently got a pair of Snell Type E/III speakers from a friend and a Marantz SR5005 reciever. He didnt have any cables as akl of it was stuffed away and we couldn't find them. I had some cables laying around but i figured they wouldn't do the job. Can somebody please tell me what cables to get? I really want these beauties up and running!

In regards, thank you

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Hi Robin and welcome to CSP


You may not get many answers. The Snell section here is not the most popular. I had to Google pictures of the Snell Type E/II and I saw they have 2 pair of terminals for bi-amping but if you look at the picture below it says "Bridge for normal operation" and there are wires connecting the 2 black terminals and the 2 red terminals. 

Those terminals are "5-way Binding Posts" and they will accept either double banana jacks or bare wires. Your Marantz receiver will have similar binding posts. To connect the receiver to the speakers use 2-conductor cable of at least 18 AWG. In other words, plain old lamp cord. Or you could get speaker wire like this https://www.parts-express.com/Audtek-SKRL-16-50-16-AWG-OFC-Speaker-Wire-50-ft.-100-016   18 or 16 is heavy enough unless you are going for very long runs, then you'd want thicker, like 14 AWG. You don't need fancy, expensive cables.

You can strip the wires, twist the strands and insert through the hole in the SIDE of the terminal. Lamp cord has ridges along one side so just make sure you keep the polarity. "Speaker wire" will be color coded in some way. If you call the ridge side "black" connect that to the black post on both the speaker and the receiver. You only need to connect to one pair of posts on each Snell if the bridging wires are there. If you want to get fancy you can buy some double banana jacks like these https://www.parts-express.com/Gold-Plated-Dual-Banana-Plug-Black-090-467.  Note that one side has a tab so you can maintain polarity. Usually tab = Black terminal. You can get double banana jack in Red for the Right channel and Black for the Left channel. 

Come back with any more questions. Enjoy the speakers!



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I like to bi-wire all my Snells.  And that is running a set of wires to the tweeter and a second set to the woofer - get rid of those jumpers!  I always bi-wired my Type EIII's.

I like banana plug termination as they are easy to use.

Don't worry too much about the cable itself.


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