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AR2AX 10" slightly muddied sound


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Sound clears up if i lay the speaker down,or touch my thumb to cloth surround(old style no foam) is the fiber ring above the magnet supposed to be solidly mounted Really need some beginner info since this is my first venture into these speakers all help and reference info greatly appreciated  

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Based on your description, this thread, below, explains and illustrates how to repair your most likely problem.  If you are new to this, read the entire thread and understand it is important that you shim the voice coil without ruining the dust cover as mentioned in the  final post.  If you prefer professional repair contact @RoyCusing the forum private message function.

If you want to DIY with forum help, be ready to supply images of your speakers. Good luck.


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"Looks like what you called spider is loose,not sure how to shim it,and glue it, any exacting instructions available "

There are plenty of examples of hinged back dust covers and shimmed voice coils on this site but not detailed instructions for reattaching fiber spacers on the cloth surround woofers.  It is not difficult if you have the patience, materials and tools but if you have never done any woofer repairs this is not the driver to start on, mainly because replacements are scarce.  Recommend you message @RoyC .



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Roy is the senior AR guru and an author of the AR-3a restoration book (be sure to download it).  If you look at Aadams’s post he wrote contact @RoyC  That’s a link. Click it and it will take you to a page with a little envelope. You can send him a message by clicking that. 

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On 3/7/2023 at 3:33 AM, SUNNBOBB said:

I tried to contact RoyC through the message link, but when I hit send I get a note stating RoyC cannot be messaged. So I have no idea how to reach him. I have some tweeters that need rebuilding.  Any help would be appreciated.


I just sent you a message. Sign in and check your inbox.


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