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AR4x cap replacement

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I have three sets of AR4x and one set of AR4xa speakers Iam in the process of redoing. They need a lot of love. Inside they have some differences,even among sets. What is the best recommendation to replace the caps. I have not opened all of them up. Im on my second set.Some have a plastic rectangle, one has a silver can about the size of a c cell battery rated at 20uf 50 vnp. Send help. SOS.

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Well you need to replace with the same value (i.e. uF, the capacitance; BUT voltage can be higher). I recommend you use Non-polar electrolytic (NPE) caps like were installed but you can use film caps. You may not like the sound of film especially the cheaper brands. You can add a small value film cap to the NPE for a bit more detail. I don't know of anyone still making a 20uF NPE cap. You could go with a 18Uf and add a 1.5uF film. Film are MORE expensive.





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Hello Kevin Wheeler and welcome to the Classic Speaker Pages Forum.  I am half Wheeler, that being my mothers madden name. One of my sons is a Kevin and his son(my grandson) is also a Kevin. We are direct descendants of General Joe Wheeler who fought in the Civil and Spanish American Wars. General Joe is buried in Arlington.

I am assuming that the plastic box you are referring to is the wax filled paper box with the 20uf capacitator and the inductor coil on top. I just disconnected mine and pushed it back enough to fit the new capacitator. Here is what my 4X rebuilt crossover looked like and a drawing that I made.


If you could post some images of your speakers that would be good.  Again Welcome.

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