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Woofer damaged by use with "rotten" foam


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Bravo Giovanni, you have correctly disassembled the cone and its spider and you have brought back a 200003 woofer in perfect conditions of use ... really a great job, the owner of these AR10 / 11s that you have brought back in full working order will be satisfied!

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Nice work, what did you use to release the spider glue around the outside if you don't mind my asking?

Also, it looks like you released the glue for the dust cap, did you use the same solvent ...  or something else?

I did a similar repair on an AR-11 woofer and found a black anodized voice coil - that was a long time

ago maybe 2007 and I'll see if I can find the thread.

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22 minutes ago, Pete B said:

Bel lavoro, cosa hai usato per rilasciare la colla del ragno all'esterno se non ti dispiace che te lo chieda?

Inoltre, sembra che tu abbia rilasciato la colla per il cappuccio antipolvere, hai usato lo stesso solvente... o qualcos'altro?

Ho fatto una riparazione simile su un woofer AR-11 e ho trovato una bobina mobile anodizzata nera - è stato molto tempo

fa forse 2007 e vedrò se riesco a trovare il thread.

Toluene, used under fume hood and FFP3 mask

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Ah, very good!

Here's the old thread where I measured them, it was in 2005:


There was another that showed the bent former but I'm having trouble finding it, I think it was deleted.

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