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Correct size AR93 top cover screws


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I have a set of AR93Q speakers with the black ABS plastic tops but mixed up the screws which secure the top in place when I was refurbishing them. Could anyone give me the measurements of the correct size wood screws to use. I don't want to ruin the threads or punch through the wood when I put them back together. Thanks!

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17 minutes ago, nefertem said:

Hi mine have the wooden dowels that holds the tops in place When Lechmeres sold them you could either get them with wood tops or black 

Yep, you're correct, it's either plastic dowels or screws depending on wooden tops or black plastic tops. There's two types of wooden tops I've had too, ones with and without painted sides.

If possible I'd just like someone to post a picture of the screws for the black plastic tops as I've mixed up my screws from several sets of speakers as I wanted to treat them all for rust. Dimensions would also help too even if it's just having a ruler placed next to it.

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In my experience AR either used #6 or #8 all thread, wood screws.  My guess is that AR used #8 x 1-1/8” or 1-1/4" long, black wood screws.  To confirm this, check to see if a #8 screw slips through the hole in your plastic top without jamming.  If it does, then I would go with the #8.  If it doesn't, it is probably a #6 screw.  To check the length of the screw, measure the depth of the existing hole in the top of the speaker with a straightened paper clip or similar, and add the depth of the plastic top less the recess for the screw head.   

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