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  1. Madisound in the US have 1000uf and 500uf caps. I've imported stuff from them before. Bennic used to do suitable caps but I couldn't find any when I did my AR9s last year.
  2. If the break is on the surface you could scrape away some of the coating and try to solder some fresh wire. I have a fair number of AR tweeters needing repair, most break on the surface from being store in less than optimal conditions rather than being overdriven.
  3. If you ask him for the STL file then you could use an online 3d printing service. I'd happily print them for you but I'm in the UK.
  4. My advice would be to refrain from trying to remove the acoustic blanket and instead mask it off and place plastic bags over it. Be careful with the amount and strength of the masking tape as it can pull up the fabric. I have a set of AR92s in my garage where I removed the blanket. It took a lot of white spirit and scraping. I don't recommend it. I didn't do this on my AR90s which I sanded and resprayed. The paint went right up to the blanket, even with the masking and came out great. The 92s were a barn find so they haven't received any more thought or love yet. Can confirm two wood scre
  5. Did you mask off the acoustic blanket strips?
  6. I just finished refoaming a set of these. They sound great, well worth restoring 👍
  7. They look closest to AR 8BX speakers to me.
  8. +1 for in place. Try not to burn yourself on the iron too much ?
  9. Does anybody know the PPI of the original foam in AR9LS/LSI bass chamber? Mine turned to mush before getting a measurement. I'm thinking of going with 30PPI but thought to check here in case anybody knows the actual value.
  10. I'm also interested in this. I have a number of tweeters, 48ls and 28s spring to mind which I would like to re-coil. Also in the UK. If you can provide any hints in removing the old wire and applying the new wire that would be great. I'm also pondering a number of woofers. So far only found the correct spec wire for those.
  11. I just finished putting mostly films caps in my AR9LS speakers whilst doing the LSI mod, having done a lot of reading this time, at least compared to when I did my AR90s. After finishing one of the pair, I compared the modded and pre-modded. I couldn't tell much difference aside from the brighter top-end. When both were complete, they initially sounded very bright (louder in the top end) and sibilant. This seems to have died down somewhat with several hours run-in (or I've gotten used to it). One of my ears is ringing on and off from the medication I'm on, so I might not be in the best pl
  12. I'd also be really interested to hear about your re-cone efforts and which parts you used. I have a 11" unit here where the spider is torn away from the cone slightly so may be opening up another thread to get some opinions on a fix.
  13. I've got some of his 10" surrounds to try on some AR90s at home. I shimmed the midranges on those. Unfortunately one of the coils is dead on them - I didn't check before starting the repair so wasted on the 8" surrounds I bought to do those. Luckily I have a spare set of LMR drivers from some AR94s so I have a matching pair to replace them still. I want to try some of Rick Cobbs on the AR9 LS, just need to save up some more to import those. The 98 LS are going to get whichever turn out to be the best of the china / Australian bunch I have incoming. Craig, I have a 10" and now an 8" dea
  14. I accidentally removed the coating when trying to clean them with alcohol, so this step is optional The finish after doing that was without dye on the cone and possibly lacking a clear coat on the top. I'm unsure if they used a protective coating or the yellow stain I took off was cigarette tar - pretty sure these were used for live music somewhere. After that I tried two different types of dye. Originally I bought some with salt in as it was being sold off cheaply - this was a mistake. The salt sits on the surface of them and makes them look patchy. In the end I bought the hand wa
  15. So I've got four of the 200045-0 drivers, two have come out of AR98LS speakers (pictured). The ones from the 98LS were pretty rusty and corroded. I've cleaned the top and insides of these and dyed them a nicer shade of black.I won't be doing this with the AR9LS ones as they are in much better shape. The 11" ones are up for debate as to if I need to dye them the same color. The next part is coating the metal with a protective coating. After that it will be re-foam time. From the suggestions I should shim them but I'd rather try and use a battery or test tone to bring the cone up
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