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AR-4x tweeter dimensions

James Sanchez

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Hello everyone. A few weeks ago, I won an Ebay auction for an original AR-4X tweeter. I received it, today, but the tweeter is too small to fix into the speaker opening in my AR-4X speaker cabinet. The screw holes do not match at all. Obviously, it seems to be the wrong AR model tweeter, but I am not even close to being expert on Acoustic Research speakers. Did AR ever manufacture differently sized tweeters for the AR-4X model?

I’ve included two photos of the tweeter I received, today.





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The problem is you did not win an auction for an AR-4x tweeter. The tweeter in your photo is a later AR tweeter used in other AR models years after the last 4x was manufactured.  Different animal. This tweeter was never used in the AR-4x.



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I'd contact the seller and tell him you want a refund because that's not an AR-4x. Any problem, you can file a complaint with ebay but most sellers are honest and will correct a mistake.

There are two listings for real 4x tweeters on there now, $49.99 each (I have no connection with the seller)


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This and his brother are the best substitutes today


Perhaps the expense will be greater, but the AR4x were born and designed for these tweeters! You will have a splendid pair of AR4x with the original speakers and above all the tweeters.

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