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KLH 20 or KLH 6, which to buy?


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I am comparing two options, a model 20 and model 6. 

Both are in pretty good condition. The model 20 is at $100, model 6 is at $155.

Looking at listings on ebay it seems the model 20 is selling 250-300 (sans record player) and model 6 is 150-200. 

I read more history on the 6, that it was one of the legends. I'm trying to understand why the model 20 seems to fetch a higher value.


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Beats me. The 20 was part of a system, 4 ohms and with an RCA jack fo hookup. The 17 was the 8ohm stand-alone version. Get the Six.

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Well, Henry Kloss is said to have remarked that he "finally got it right" with the Model Six. So I think he was pretty proud of them. BUT beware (and I should have mentioned this earlier) early Sixes have epoxied-in drivers, making them a royal PITA to work on. Guess Henry was so sure he's gotten it right he didn't want anyone inside. If the Sixes you're looking at have the epoxied drivers, I'd stay away.

The Twenties are fine if your amp can handle the 4 ohm load. I added 5-way binding posts to the ones I worked on.

The Six was a bigger speaker, with a 12" woofer. The Twenty had a 10" woofer (actual sizes of all KLH woofers were less than stated).


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I have both the KLH Model 20 and Model 6. Both are fully restored: recapped and doped surrounds. I also replaced the RCA connector on the back of the Model 20 with 5-way binding posts. I drive both of them with a Denon POA 5200 amp, which drives 4 ohm speakers like the Model 20 very well.

I like them both. The 20 has a slightly smaller cabinet and the bass is slightly less than the Model 6. Since they use the same tweeter, the high end is the same.

If you don't want to buy both, I suggest getting the Model Six. The Model Six is one of my favorite speakers.

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I’m with JKent and RTally on this.

Personally, I think the Model Six is the better speaker. I’ve owned the Model Twenty in the past, and currently own the Model Six and the Model Seventeen. The Seventeens still amaze me sometimes on how good they can sound on certain pieces of music, but the Sixes are still the better overall speaker, plus they can dig a bit deeper on bass response with the larger woofer and cabinet. Along with the AR 2ax’s that I own, the Six’s are my favorite vintage speaker.

Why someone is listing a Model Twenty for more than a Model Six, I cannot say. Perhaps the Twenty’s are fully restored, and the Six’s need work.

I imagine you realize that you will have to recap and reseal them to have them sound as good as they did when new? I don’t think you mentioned that, but it very probably needs to be done.


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