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KLH Tweeter compatibility


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Hello TiGuy22, I was in a simular situation but with the help of the good people here I was able to complete my "23's" but am still looking for period correct tweeters.

If you read these threads it will point you in the right direction. 





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While you're looking for KLH Five, Twelve or Twenty-Three tweeters, you might follow CYNR's lead and pop in some phenolic ring tweeters. Unfortunately, Parts Express and others are now charging $20 or more for PRTs. Try Dynavox: https://dynavox.com/4.25inch-Round-6-oz-8-ohm-20mm-VC-Phenolic-Ring-Tweeter   Theirs are just $3.66 each! Shipping may be around $20 but they're fast. I recently bought some tweets from them and had them in about 2 days.


OOPS. Sorry. I just noticed they're out of stock.

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Hello TiGuy22,

these are the phenolic tweeters I used,  see post #22  ,  I am still searching for my model 23 tweeters .


as for the 17's" affect - a quote from dxho on my other thread.

"If you weren't aware, Model Five and Twelve tweeters are equivalent. Model Six,
Seventeen, Twenty, Thirty, and Thirty Three will fit, but they have different voicing.
I haven't compared the two variations side-by-side, so I don't know how much
difference there is."



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20 minutes ago, TiGuy22 said:


These may be the modern day reproductions. I believe the originals on the 23's were CTS... 

or these


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