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AR-11 metallic grilles


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Hello, I've bought some time ago some AR-11 speakers, and the previous owner had them customized with some metallic grilles (picture attached to my message). My question is : can it affect the sound quality? I tinkered the grilles to be sure that there is no contact between the midranges and the metallic grilles ; but still, would it be better to buy some classic style Acoustic Research grilles?

Thanks a lot. 


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That's a very open pattern. I doubt there is any effect on the sound. Some respected speaker manufacturers (ADS, Braun, others) used perforated metal grilles. I think if you like the look, keep them as they are.

Of course you could try removing them and see if you hear a difference but my guess is that compared to the foam grille AR used, these would be more transparent if anything. But if you decide to go with foam, these guys can make them: http://foamspeakergrilles.com

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