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Just finished one of the LST-2 grills with off white linen material from Gig Harbor, Wa.  I was considering selling these as they need Chris to rebuild all six tweeters.  With this cloth they look too nice.  Keeping them a little longer.



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They look great! 
My tweeters were all blown when I bought mine from a CL listing. At the time no one was rebuilding these tweeters, basically “paper weights” and I stupidly tossed them, and went with the HiVi tweeters that Roy recommended at the time. Mine were basket cases, needing a reveneer, all the grill frames were broken and needed to be glued back together, and new grill cloth from 123 Stitch. They sound great and look brand new! 
Chris does great work. He’s restored some for me for some 3as. Did you reform your woofers as well?

Really great sounding speakers, and scary dimensional. They seem to bend sound around corners!

Cheers Glenn

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Just bought a pair of AR 20004-0 woofers (from AR-48S) for the LST-2s.  One of the forum strings said any of the later AR 10” woofers will work in the LST-2.

I just sold the AR-10pi set so I feel justified spending a bit on these.  Also down to three pair of speakers total which I can connect to my Pioneer SX-1010 at the same time.  

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On 4/12/2021 at 7:12 PM, Illf8ed said:


What other speakers do you have to compare to your Acoustic Research models?    I have ESS amt1a and 1b pyramids besides the AR-10pi and LST-2.

Way late response! I haven’t been here in a while.

I have a decent collection of speakers, which all sound great to me.

AR3s completely restored (2sets)

LST-2s restored

AR12s restored

KLH Six’s 1963 restored

KLH Fives recapped

ADS 910 rebuilt mids & tweeters

ADS L980 original

JBL 4301b original

Vienna Acoustics Mozart’s

Nivico/JVC GB-1E omnidirectional globes- need recap, maybe a tweeter replacement, gulp!

Minimus 7s - 3 sets.

Magnepan SMGs Completely rewired, recapped.

Just sold JBL L200s.

Cheers, Glenn


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