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Ar 17 -peeling off veneer finish


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I've seen a lot of info about sanding veneer as first step when there is need for new finish. But has anyone managed to peel it off? I was suprised when discovered that. Think it's good info for future veneer finishing projects!

Tip: do it very carefully and slow!






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I don't believe what you peeled off was put on by AR.  The AR-17 cabinet had a real wood veneer with an oil finish (linseed oil or similar).   It looks like you may have peeled off a poly type finish that was applied over the original oil finish.  I am presently restoring an AR-11 that was varnished.  In my case it was not possible to peel off the varnish.  I sanded off the finish down to the bare wood veneer and then applied 3 coats of Watco Danish Oil, wet sanding after the first coat.  AR veneers are fairly thick, but you still want to be careful that you don't sand through the veneer.

Bellow is a picture or a pair of AR-17's that I restored, who's finish only needed a few touch-ups with a Minwax walnut stain marker and a coat of Watco Rejuvenating Oil.


I also restored a pair of AR-15's that were painted black.  In that case I sanded off the painted finish and applied a 3-coat, Watco Danish Oil finish.  The picture below shows one speaker with the finish restored vs. one still painted black.  Why anyone would have painted over that veneer is beyond me.


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I think this kind of satin poly was applied in factory because it is to precise to be someones garage work. It best can be seen where front meets side (picture 1). 

Anyway interesting choice of finish which picked up almost all small scratches protecting veneer. 

They are european model, maybe thats why.




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My guess is that is a protective film meant to be removed by the consumer. The original owner didn’t remove it so you benefit.

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