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Surround sealer


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Surround sealer is used on cloth surrounds. You have foam surrounds that are shot. You need new foam surrounds. Two of these should work. Get the latex adhesive not nitrile 


here’s a video 


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Yes what about the crisis however of not having the sealer available?

You people have saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars because before I ever heard about the group I was very close to using PVA and or some of the other materials the unaware have suggested.

I've accumulated three bottles of the group but one day it will be gone as I continue to use it on several pairs of sixes that I have as well as a realistic Radio shack Optimus 7 end table pair as well as the 32s and 17s I have.

By the way, I can still hardly wait to install into various pairs of 2ax my two pairs of reworked tweeters from Chris!

One pair rebuilt by physics professor here, one pair that appear to be roid out, yes, you, Roy, and a couple of boxes that I bought some cloths surround woofers for and have been saving a pair of the tweets to use there.

It may have to be a birthday present for the last day of June.

I better get busy with all this junk because I don't want it to be one day too late and from up there here someone say oh that old junk? You give me 50 and you can have it all.

By the way guys, over the years you probably have no idea about the level to which you have changed and improved my existence. I owe you all beyond what I can express.

I guess some people might think that it's a little bit sappy to say this, melodramatic or whatever but as a hopeful romantic I will say that what I've gone through is what all this s*** is about.

You've paid it forward.

Oh, speaker placement? I know, I know...those poor boy 3as are temporary sound reinforcement for some L1290s I recently acquired and am evaluating.


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