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Unknown woofer, AR clone?

Giorgio AR

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This curious woofer has now appeared on the auction site: the cone is very reminiscent of that of the AR6 with Alnico magnet, but the dustcover and the back basket show a large ceramic magnet different from all known AR ones; the basketball, of classic USA manufacture, can be superimposed on those used by AR, the black color, brings the possible dating to over the mid-70s!                  Given the marks left by the previous deteriorated foam, they should correspond to those of AR6
We hope to find a solution to this mystery.
To me, since it is on sale in Italy for just over $ 20, I would want to buy it and compare it with those of the AR6!
I would like opinions ...


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On 11/3/2020 at 8:35 PM, Giorgio AR said:



Nothing? At least the n ° 719 801 on the basket and the large ceramic magnet should help the recognition of the brand to which this speaker was dedicated (561 should indicate AR, 719 who?).
We hope to find someone who gives news and above all characteristics of this interesting woofer

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Carbonneau made the mid/tweeters for the AR-2a and the drivers for the 1951 Baruch-Lange speakers Henry Kloss built in his Cambridge loft.

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Thanks to both of you, I have more news (I am attaching photos of the back of my own AR2a mid / tw, which I did not remember had the same code 719). My question was also aimed at comparing it to AR6 woofer. I think I will buy this woofer!


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