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AR-2ax Spider detached from cone


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Hi all!  I have acquired a pair of AR-2ax speakers with both having rotted foam surrounds.  One of the spiders has partially separated from the cone (see pic).  I am contemplating my options before moving on with the project. I have refoamed a number of speakers, but repairing a spider is another ballgame.  I would like to give this a go, so I'm reaching out to this group as I value your opinions and feedback.  Do I attempt to repair the damaged/separated spider with epoxy?  Please note their are slight rips in the spider.  Are there new spiders available for these particular woofers? I'd like to keep these as original as possible. If replacing is an option, I assume the same must be done to the other woofer to match as best as possible?  The voice coil does appear to be in decent shape.  Any input would be much appreciated! 

Thanks, Jon!





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21 hours ago, zelgy1 said:

Any input would be much appreciated! 

I see you added more photos.  There are only maybe 2 members here  who have the type of repair experience you are seeking and they apparently aren't talking at the moment.  If it were mine I would be looking for an original replacement.  There is a fairly recent thread on this same topic which concludes that you can get repair parts but the spider compliance is different and re-mating the original voice coil and cone is so problematic that it really needs to be done as an entire unit.  This is not a rookie repair.  If you want guaranteed success on the first try, message @RoyC or Contact Millersound http://www.millersound.net/.

I might still get this repaired for backup or later resale.

Good luck


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I had the same thing happen to a 2ax woofer. The best bet is to follow Aadams recommendation and look for a replacement. It wasn't hard to find even though there were two sizes for the woofer basket on 2ax's. Mine were the early 6 hole baskets. The later ones were four hole. If you want to get it repaired  the two guys Aadams  listed are the best I know of.


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