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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! I have acquired a pair of AR-2ax speakers with both having rotted foam surrounds. One of the spiders has partially separated from the cone (see pic). I am contemplating my options before moving on with the project. I have refoamed a number of speakers, but repairing a spider is another ballgame. I would like to give this a go, so I'm reaching out to this group as I value your opinions and feedback. Do I attempt to repair the damaged/separated spider with epoxy? Please note their are slight rips in the spider. Are there new spiders available for these particular woofers? I'd like to keep these as original as possible. If replacing is an option, I assume the same must be done to the other woofer to match as best as possible? The voice coil does appear to be in decent shape. Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jon!
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