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Just found these today at the flea market. At first glance they appear to be 2axs, but on closer examination they are a little puzzling. One grill is nailed in while the second one has the nails removed. I thought maybe one had replacement drivers, but the second pair has identical components. I removed the tweeter (upper left) and it is hand labeled “Phase tech pc60). They have plastic push-button binding posts in the back. Additionally, I cannot find any 2axs with the teledyne-era badges. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi Mondo

My guess is that those are AR-2ax cabinets but with all non-AR drivers. If you gave the cabinet dimensions that would help. Phase Tech PC60 was a nice 2-way speaker system: https://www.stereophile.com/content/phase-technology-pc-60-loudspeaker (but those don't look like the ones in any PC60 pictures).*

The top-right driver looks to me like a phenolic ring tweeter.

The woofer, with its pleated surround, is not AR. 

My guess is that if it has push-button binding posts it's some sort of generic crossover, like PE sells.


*PS: Just did some more searching. Your tweeters do look like the original PC60. Apparently the speakers were re-issued  and it's those that are pictured in the Stereophile article.

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