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0pinions on my new package purchase

Jim Pearce

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Sounds like you got a good deal on all that equipment, although how good a deal really depends on the equipments condition and how much work it needs. But overall, sounds like a pretty good score.

Good luck with the equipment, please post some photos and let us know how everything sounds once it's hooked up!

I have 2 sets of Model 17's. As you probably know, since you've referenced Roy's Goo in the link, they will probably need to be recapped.


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Ditto on Norman's comments. That's a cool early 70s budget system. I built the Dynaco ST-120 and PAT-4 myself back in the day. The 120 was never well-loved and both are very long in the tooth now so will need updates. Fortunately the manuals are available, free. They're easy to work on. And Dan at https://www.updatemydynaco.com has lots or restoration parts and mods available. I completely rebuilt my ST-120 with his upgrades.

The Garrard TT is adequate but should be tuned up and lubed. Shure cart is perfect for this system.

I have no experience with the Heathkit tuner but it looks cool and they made good kits. As with the dynacos, a lot depends on the skill of the builder. Any kit-built component could be excellent or it could be a hot mess.

Of course you know we all like the KLH Seventeens. They must be recapped. Photo below is a Seventeen with exploded Callins cap.

Have fun with these.



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