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little hole in the woofer


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Hi Everybody,

i was finishing the recap of my klh 6 speakers when unfortunately i made a hole of a screwdriver size on the woofer,the hole is very very small so i was asking if that needs to be repaired and how?

You can see the damage in the picture.

Thanks for your answers ,Manel


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Been there done that 🤨

I would suggest a very small patch of light thin cloth applied to the back of the cloth surround using Roy's surround sealant. Then apply a light coating of the sealant to both surrounds. It's available on ebay from seller Vintage-AR.

If you don't want to do that, a very small glob of some kind of glue, as Rick suggested, may do. Put it on the back. Something like Goop or Shoe Goo or E6000 would work. Maybe rubber cement. I'm not sure about white glue. It's water based and "may" harden and come loose with all that flexing. Or it may work.


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A tiny piece of cloth that is thin and light. Maybe T-shirt or sheet, if a little blob of glue isn't enough.

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thank you Kent for your help, I glued as you told me a tiny piece of cloth with very little glue and I left it dried. I ordered on Roy's advice the surround sealant that he developed .Thank you again for everything I learned through this forum
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