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Found 14 results

  1. Hey! Glad to see the forums back up and running. I've just starting using my Allison Threes again (the home office routine!) and have discovered that both of the the surrounds have finally bit the dust. I had Bill LeGall at Millersound fix my midranges a couple of years ago, and he's amazing and wonderful, but I'd like to try to find someone local in MA who's worked on the Allison 12" woofers before and can fix them. Any suggestions??
  2. Hi Everybody, i was finishing the recap of my klh 6 speakers when unfortunately i made a hole of a screwdriver size on the woofer,the hole is very very small so i was asking if that needs to be repaired and how? You can see the damage in the picture. Thanks for your answers ,Manel
  3. Is Advent 1 woofer identical to the New Advent woofer?
  4. I want to buy two New Large Advent woofers. Metal frame, square magnet, original cone and voice coil. Surround condition is not important. Thanks
  5. My first speaker rehab is a pair of AR-5's. I'm on the woofers which I have determined have bad voice coils. Is it reasonable to think this can be repaired or am I at a point where the woofers need replacement? Thanks for your help!
  6. https://www.parts-express.com/wet-look-4-oz-black--340-513 This looks like a way to add a little protection to my 8" CD woofers (these are of 1987 vintage and don't appear to have the same type coating as the woofers in my Threes.) Anyone use this? Should I NOT use this?
  7. Hey folks been a while - preoccupied with kids and all (two and through... hopefully). Finally getting back to the ARs and removed the cone / spider to find that the coil windings had partially come apart in the magnet. I found a few threads with some discussion on options for replacement but didn't see much on results. Apologies if I just missed it. Chances these can be rewound? I am able to reinstall them but they don't lay clean. If I was able to, it's clear I would need a glue of some sort along the way to hold in place and keep them flat. Otherwise, I know I could recone
  8. Hi everyone, First off to say kudos to those who complied the 'Restoring an AR-3a' document; it is absolutely crucial for those attempting it for the first time. Without that detailed knowledge, I just wouldn't have attempted it at all. But I wonder whether anyone would like to give me a prognosis on this 3a woofer. As you see, it's riding pretty low in the saddle, lower than its twin, and has a bit of a droop on the RHS, making it a kind of ellipse shape. Resistance reads as it should, about 2.6. You can pull it up quite a long way, and
  9. In a couple of weeks when I get back from a trip south I have some crossover work to do on my AR3a. I've been into them a couple of times over the 40 + years that I've owned them but I didn't rotate the woofers 180 degrees either time. I've seen this recommended several times on various sites. I assume the purpose is to counteract the results of gravity on the cone, voice coil and suspension. It's easy enough to do but is it necessary? Also my 3a's have cloth surrounds that appear to be in pretty good shape and the woofers appear to pass the press and spring back test but if it makes sens
  10. I have a Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble II woofer. It has two speakers in it. One I have re-foamed and it's ready to go. The second speaker (a 6.5" 4 or 5 ohm woofer) is fried, having no continuity. I've looked for the break and it can't be found. Anybody got one of these they'd be willing to pull out of an old Ensemble II woofer and sell me for a reasonable fee? I don't care if it needs new a surround. I can do that. I'd be amazed if it didn't need new foam, in fact. I've contacted Cambridge Soundworks, and they've told me that the woofers for the Ensemble II must be from the Ensemble II and c
  11. Hi guys, I am new to this forum and I find it very usefull. I'm writing because a need a suggestion about repair of my old AR25 speakers. I have a speaker with the woofer broken, the other one has the foam destroied so I think to change both woofer. Do you have any suggestion about the correct woofer (brand and model) to substitute the old ones? Thanks in advance for any support. Ciao Enzo from Monza
  12. I bought a pair of AR-4x speakers that had a newer tweeter in one cabinet, and corroded pots on both, so I decided to rework the pair. I utilized new phenolic ring tweeters - 8 Ohm (http://www.parts-exp...tnumber=270-252), new solen 20uF 400V polypropylene capacitors (http://www.parts-exp...tnumber=027-582) and new L-Pad attenuators - 15W Mono 3/8" Shaft 8 Ohm (http://www.parts-exp...tnumber=260-248) in place of the corroded pots. While the high end is now very well defined, I'm missing the bass that made the speaker sound so full and smooth before I started working on it - overall the sound i
  13. Hi, New to the forum and I just picked up this pair of Advent 3s. The woofer on one has a scratchy sound, like a short. I switched woofers around, so I know it's not the electronics in the speaker cabinet. I don't see any tears or other damage to the woofer. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks for your help Jordan. All of my vintage stereo finds: http://swingmodern.blogspot.com
  14. Hi everybody, My father recently got hold of a pair of AR2ax with woofers in need of re-foam. The mysterious thing is that although the drivers look original (at least to me) the cones look like they have a flat edge and not an angled one! All the re-foaming kits I have seen for the AR 10" woofers seem to be targeted at angled cone edges, and I was told that AR never made woofers for the AR2ax with a flat edge! Both woofers look identical in all respects: basket, magnet, cone material and shape, and dust cap. The basket looks like stamped steel, and one of them has a stamp on the magnet sayin
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