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Replacement Speaker for KLH Twenty One FM?


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I have a KLH Twenty One FM radio that we bought new in the 1970s.  My wife would like me to get it working again.  The problem seems to be that the speaker distorts ("flapping sound") at high volume/bass content -- Ok for voice range but music creates the problem.  No obvious tears in the surround.  Your advice on what avenue to go down next to restore quality sound is much appreciated.  Has anyone found an off the shelf speaker part that is a good replacement should it come to that?  Are there other things I should do first?  Thanks in advance.

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Welcome Jerry

The KLH Model Twenty One radio (all 5 versions) used the KLH "Twelve point five" 4" speaker. I don't know why it was called that but it was used in many of their speakers, from the later Model Eight radio to the Model Five and Model Twelve speakers where they were used as mids to the Eleven, Fourteen, Fifteen, Nineteen and others. I see several on ebay now, sold as KLH midrange. The Fostex FE103En 4" Full Range may be a drop-in replacement as might the Markaudio CHP-70-P Gen2 Natural Paper but you'd have to check the dimensions.


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