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Found 18 results

  1. I have a KLH Twenty One FM radio that we bought new in the 1970s. My wife would like me to get it working again. The problem seems to be that the speaker distorts ("flapping sound") at high volume/bass content -- Ok for voice range but music creates the problem. No obvious tears in the surround. Your advice on what avenue to go down next to restore quality sound is much appreciated. Has anyone found an off the shelf speaker part that is a good replacement should it come to that? Are there other things I should do first? Thanks in advance.
  2. New to this forum, and to warn you been kicked out of better places? OLD Submarine Sonar Tech, Electronic Tech. Retired, back into sound. Kinda JBL guy, but many Vintage brands have come and gone. JBL are easy to turn with good margins?. But as things go. KLH17's $20 rich house next to BMW in garage. Passed husbands. After a little chat and smiles, I filled her in on her husband good choice, and she was so touch, she gave them to me. Accepted with big smile and booked. KLH 32's NIB Yes NEW IN BOX !! CL for $120, waited patiently for 7 days, BO for $40? NEW IN BOX. Both will need "Old Age" issues addressed. That is how I got here to learn about cloth surrounds. So any thoughts, impressions, MODs? Thanks All
  3. I recently acquired a pair of KLH model 28's. I know they are rare, but are they collectible? They are too much speaker for me, so I'll probably be selling them. Man can they part your hair. I'm just trying to figure out what I got. Thank you for any help. DJ BTW I have AR-5, AR-2ax, AR-4ax, and KLH 17's. I like them all.
  4. Hey Folks, One of my KLH Seventeens started going intermittent on me and tapping on the woofer made it come back. I looked at the lead wires and it looks like one of them isn't making contact well. Looks like the lead wires are just crimped and not soldered or glued. Are all KLH leads always just crimped? I'm hesitant to take an iron to the cone, but will if I have to! Suggestions from those with KLH experience? First pic is the offending speaker, second pic is the one working fine... (did my best to get the camera to focus): https://i.imgur.com/P0CN7k5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/p9hJPR0.jpg Thanks!
  5. RickB

    KLH Model 12s in RI

  6. Report post Posted 5 minutes ago Hi All, I'm brand new to this forum and I like look/sound/vibe of vintage stereos but I know nothing, nada, zilch about them. I recently bought a KLH turntable that is in excellent condition, but they came without their speakers. On another shopping trip I found a gorgeous pair of vintage Wharfedale W 60 c speakers. So I have a few questions (go easy on me I am 100% a novice here)" 1. Can I use these two together? 2.If so, lets move onto the next question: I tried RCA style connections in the back of the turntable and they seem to fit. So I'm assuming that I'll need an RCA connection on one end, and then strip the wire at the other end of the connection to attach it to the Wharfedales? 3. It appears as if there's only room for one set of RCA connections. Does it matter if the Red goes in the left or the right? 4. I *think* this is the wire I need? Right? https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-2-Male-RCA-Audio-Cable/dp/B01D5H8P0G/ref=sr_1_3_acs_sk_pb_1_sl_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1543365982&sr=1-3-acs&keywords=rca+cable 5. Since there is only room for 1 of these sets on the back of the turntable, do I split the unit into two distinct wires (the red side and the white side), then strip the ends of each of the two to reveal the underlying wire. and then split the bundles of wires to wrap around the red/black posts on back of each of the speakers? Any help you all could provide would be very much appreciated. I really didn't realize as I started finding these components that I'd be so incredibly confused. Thanks in advance! Erika
  7. C. Victor Campos C. Victor Campos, 84, from Framingham, Massachusetts, an alumnus of Acoustic Research from 1960 until 1963 and again from 1974 until 1979, died on December 11, 2017 after an extended illness. Victor briefly worked at AR's Music Room in New York in 1959 and later worked in customer services and assisted Ed Villchur with the production of the Live-vs.-Recorded series in the early 1960s. In 1963, Victor went to competitor KLH Research and Development Corporation to work in customer service and engineering under Henry Kloss, but he returned to AR in 1974 working with the Advanced Development Division's new speakers. During these years, Victor produced a superb series of FM broadcasts out of Boston, "Adventures in Sound" and "Shop Talk." These broadcasts were done with master tapes without compression, usually challenging a FM listener's high-fidelity equipment; i.e., if you did not possess AR heavyweight loudspeakers in your system, you were likely to sense distortion during playback! These were superb reel-to-reel tapes done on Ampex AG-440 machines and similar high-end transcription recorders. In the mid 1970s, Victor produced the excellent Neil Grover (drums)/AR-10π live-vs.-recorded demonstrations that showed the extremely capable and accurate reproduction of the AR-10π, especially reproducing the bass drum at high levels. This was a very difficult demonstration—in ways more difficult than the Fine Arts or Gustavo Lopez demonstrations—requiring enormous amplifier peak levels of over 800 watts per channel to reproduce the peak acoustic levels. Steve F on this site attended at least one of those demonstrations and can elaborate on the effectiveness of that demonstration. Much of the credit for the success was due to Victor Campos' understanding of amplifiers, loudspeakers and tape recorders, and he was able to produce excellent results during these LvR demonstrations. Before Victor left AR (he was also at Adcom and NAD through the years), he was very instrumental in the development of the AR9 tower loudspeaker. Initially, Victor wanted the AR9 to be a "powered" speaker complete with built-in amplifiers for woofers, midrange and tweeters, but he was not successful in that quest! At times, Victor could go overboard: when the AR-10 was being developed, a problem occurred with hinge on the fold-out solid-walnut access door on the front. It would bind and stick. Victor wanted to quit "experimenting" and simply cut to the chase: add ball bearings to the hinge! Of course, this was much too expensive, and a proper hinge was developed which worked well without problems. His influence was felt! Victor was an intelligent but sometimes impatient person, yet he accomplished a great deal in the years he was at Acoustic Research and KLH. He will be greatly missed! —Tom Tyson 12Dec2017
  8. FUNT

    KLH model 17 dates

    Can anybody tell me the year of my KLH model seventeens ? Serial #s 132793 , 132298.. I appreciate so much...
  9. I have 'inherited' a pair of KLH Model Thirty-three speakers. They sound quite nice.... except that there is nothing coming out of the woofer of one of them. Nothing at all. I saw nothing damaged or broken during a superficial visual inspection of the wiring and soldering (once I unscrewed the woofer from the cabinet). Could you help me diagnose the problem, verify the diagnosis, and fix it? I can imagine two obvious potential issues: 1. the woofer is bad and needs to be repaired or replaced; 2. the caps are so old (or at least one is so old) that it/they form(s) a break in the circuitry. Are there any other potential issues I should be looking for? What is the best way to confirm or reject either issue above? I could use a Volt/Ohm/Amp-meter to measure between the two contacts on the woofer, while playing something (the amp is an old British great: a Creek 4040S2). Could I tell from the readings I get if the problem is with the woofer or with what is wending its way to the woofer on the wires? (sorry, couldn't resist :)). Similarly, could i measure something on each capacitor in place to determine if that cap is a break in the circuit? Would it make sense to disconnect the woofer in the 'bad' speaker and connect it in parallel (or perhaps in place of) the woofer in the good speaker. If i do that and the woofer from the bad speaker is still silent -- does that prove that I should just throw it away, or is it possible that it can be repaired? If it can't be repaired, would someone be able to recommend a source for a replacement? WIll I need to buy a pair if I'm replacing one? If there is a better way to diagnose the problem, and/or some other likely cause than the two i could think of, please enlighten me, As far as I could see from these pages, the only (non-cosmetic, functional) repair one normally needs to do is to replace the caps. Are there other things I should check? Thank you for your noob-friendliness, truly THANKS! --scott UPDATE/EDIT: The woofers are connected to the wiring by simple wire-nuts, so it was very easy to swap them. When I did this, I discovered two things, neither good: 1. the woofer that had been silent continued to be silent, and the woofer that had previously worked continued to work. However,it seems that the midrange/tweeter in the formerly "good" speaker wasn't working after all (while the one in the enclosure that originally housed the 'bad' woofer continued to work fine). The end result of this swap, therefore, is that I have one speaker which seems to work just fine, and one that is completely silent. There's nothing obviously physically wrong it.... but both cones make no sound. If i can do anything which might correct this, I am very open to suggestions, THANKS!
  10. I just bought a pair of KLH Research Ten CB-6's, anyone have any info on them?? They need new surrounds, but there's enough left on the woofers to let me test them. I'll need to get new foam for the grills also. So far they don't sound to bad : )
  11. Hi I was lead to your site while searching for a tweeter and a woofer for my KLH 23 speakers. I actually need just one tweeter but I would be happy to buy a pair if that is what you have to sell. The tweeter I need is silver in color and was shared by a couple other KLH models. I believe the 5's and 33's. Again the tweeter I need is silver and not the black painted version. I would also like to find a woofer for the same speakers just to have on hand as a spare. If you can help me out with any or all of these please message me. Thanks, Anthony
  12. Hi I was lead to your site while searching for a tweeter and a woofer for my KLH 23 speakers. I actually need just one tweeter but I would be happy to buy a pair if that is what you have to sell. The tweeter I need is silver in color and was shared by a couple other KLH models. I believe the 5's and 33's. Again the tweeter I need is silver and not the black painted version. I would also like to find a woofer for the same speakers just to have on hand as a spare. If you can help me out with any or all of these please message me. Thanks, Anthony
  13. Hi all. I have a chance to get a pair of AR4x in good shape for $200 or a pair of KLH model 24 twenty four series II for $140, also in good shape. WE have a a small home and don't need big speakers, so both fit. Which are more durable, dependable, and of course, sound better? Any help is greatly appreciated. Best. Sean
  14. Hi Fello Audiophiles! 1. I am looking to buy a KLH Model 24 (Turntable + FM Radio Combination) 2. Please let me know if you have one you would like to pass on to a fellow Audiophile - I will gladly buy it from you. Best Regards, Gaurav
  15. These towers i own don't have any identifying labels. Anyone know - or have an educated guess - as to what models they are? I've put them up for sale.
  16. This week I finally acquired a pair of Model Ones that I'd been stalking for weeks. The seller is local to me, so that helped tremendously in getting the things home. At 85 lbs each and 39 x 25 x 16 inches. Here is the original auction. I also spent weeks researching these. There's not a lot on them, because there are not a lot of speakers out there. These are serial no 002 and 659. The woofers sound amazing, more like a theater sound system or something. They'll put serious acoustic pressure in a room down to about 18 hz. But they are also quite inefficient. Both the Janszens need work. I know something about electronics, but it looks like I'm going to need some help with these. So, on with the pictures. I'm adding the four page instruction brochure for the One, Two, and Three to the library.
  17. For sale are a great pair of KLH Model 5 speakers lovingly rebuilt a few years back. When out for a run I spotted these babies out on the curb ready for trash pickup. The cases were moldy and splitting, probably forgotten about in someones basement for 20 years, but the speaker cones were in good condition (except for a dent in one 4" woofer dome) so I couldn't help but bring them home. If you're wondering how I know they were made in 1969, the date is stamped on the crossovers. After placing the speakers in new cases (built as near clones of the originals except for replacing weird foam/fiberglass filling stuff with polyfill), replacing the capacitors in the crossovers, and using contact cleaner on the crossover switches (seen in the rear view) they sound great! - Dimensions: 27"x14.5"x12" - Weight: 50 lbs each - 8 ohm impedance - Speaker arrangement per case: 1x 10" sub / 2x 4" mids / 1x tweeter - closed construction with ~1lbs polyfill / cu. ft. - 3/4" oak veneered MDF cases - switches on the back panel for adjusting the crossover to your preferred sound - paper cones - clothe surrounds - KLH badges missing So how do they sound? Great! The sound isn't as accurate as modern audiophile quality, but I would describe them as being very musical. A pleasure to listen to. The highs are mellow and the lows are strong. These speakers aren't as efficient as modern ones so make sure your amp isn't underpowered. I've used 15W Topping, 90W Denon, 90W Hypex, and 200W Hypex amplifiers on this. The Hypex seemed to make the sound more lively. (If you're interested I'm also planning on selling my new Hypex 180ST amp after these go in case someone wants a demo.) Worst case shipping costs in the USA for UPS Store ground from Boston (02474) to CA estimated at $140. I'm also fine with pickup, demo'ing, and best offers.
  18. Hi! I am looking for an analog bass computer for KLH-2 speaker. I just got a nice pair of KLH-2 speakers, but missing a matching analog bass computer. If you have one for sale, please let me know. Thanks!
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