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Found 2 results

  1. So, I was at Brimfield yesterday and found a Twenty One in not-bad-at-all condition (excellent cosmetics on the front panel, grille cloth, dial and knobs, veneer quite restorable), so for $40 I thought it was a good pickup. I was told it doesn't power up, and by gum it doesn't (the fuse doesn't look blown, though), so I'll get to work on it for my late summer project! I think JKent is quite experienced with the 21, but if anyone has some tips of the "low-hanging fruit" variety, feel free to share.
  2. I have a KLH Twenty One FM radio that we bought new in the 1970s. My wife would like me to get it working again. The problem seems to be that the speaker distorts ("flapping sound") at high volume/bass content -- Ok for voice range but music creates the problem. No obvious tears in the surround. Your advice on what avenue to go down next to restore quality sound is much appreciated. Has anyone found an off the shelf speaker part that is a good replacement should it come to that? Are there other things I should do first? Thanks in advance.
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