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Acoustic Research AR-3 KENRICK Tuned


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Welcome soulider

I've said this before. I don't know how a YouTube video, filmed on who-knows-what, transmitted through the interweb and played on a desktop computer would give any clue as to sound quality, but... the most interesting thing about this post (to me) is the speakers: Asian-built AR-3a Limited. Our friend johnieo opined that these were the best of the 3a's. I am a bit puzzled, though, by the tweeters.


AR-3a Limited.jpg

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So sad how no one can admit how good this video does sound.  To me it sounds excellent!     But I digress, when I posted how good mine system sounds, it was also dismissed. Beyond the fact that it is scaled down in size, this video displays an excellent sounding system.

It is imperative that one has good computer playback speakers. Inboard desk-top and lap top speakers cannot allow one to have an indication of how good this really sounds.




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