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Ventureline Egg Chair with speakers

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Yes, it's a VentureLine Egg chair from around 1971 or so made in Akron Ohio and its currently in my garage. It popped up for sale on a local site and I couldn't resist. 

I'll have to be a summer project due to the size of it and the fact that garage is not heated.

Need some advice or opinions on how to treat the surface.

It appears to be a blow molded plastic, not very hard but not very flexible either. Kinda reminds me of the old Christmas decorations (like the plastic candles that were 4 feet tall) only significantly thicker material.

I want to put a rattle can paint job on it to make it white again but there are some scratches in the surfaces.

Will it sand ok? Will the paint adhere ok?

The first picture is mine, the second it what I want mine to be.

Appreciate any advice as well as advice on how to convince my wife that it's really cool!



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cool ? 

there’s a thread in the Advent forum about whitening the plastic cabinet with a bleach used by hairdressers. might be worth checking out 


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I would start by trying a bit of polishing compound on an area of the shell covered by the cushions. It's possible that the finish doesn't go all the way through and might actually be some kind of gelcoat that was sprayed into the molds the way it's done with fiberglass.

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