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Finally joined the LST Club


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Just before Christmas I managed to obtain a pair of AR-LST. I remember reading about them as a teenager - of course never being able to afford such a thing back then.  I encountered some over the years on odd occasions on the bay, but never was able to get to them or have sufficient money.  This is not helped by being way down the bottom of Australia in Tasmania which just adds complication (cost) to shipping.

I already had managed to collect several AR speakers over the years such as 3a, 90, 9, 92, 6 and MST-1 but had always wanted to hear the LST.  So when I saw a pair I jumped - well actually bid and paid up.  Being overseas and having to get family to receive the boxes delivered from Perth to Tasmania (4,000km) was a bit of a complication but everything arrived in perfect condition and they are not that heavy as much as a bit awkward to move about.

Now they have arrived and being home for Christmas I have set them up - they are fabulous! 

I dont have them up off the floor yet, but even so, they are superb speakers. I have been very fortunate as everything appears to be working, though I have yet to get a stethoscope out to check all drivers fully.  The cabinets have good edges and all appears to be well - even the fuses look new. They dont have any number on the outside, so looking at the drivers will be the only age clue, but I think they may be later.  They are a bit more laid back than the Infinities in the picture but not missing any detail that I can tell and have a wonderful soundstage. They are now connected to a Krell FBP-600c which does just fine and I have moved the Infinities out of the way for awhile.  They may have become my favorites.  For the moment I'm just enjoying them and playing my favorite tracks, but stands are on the to do list and the cat knows not to touch!

Cheers and I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas












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Congratulations and such an amazing journey for those prizes!

 I have a soft spot in my heart ❤️ (and my ears) for any and all of those ultra wide dispersion loudspeakers that came out of BOTH acoustic research and Allison Acoustics, of course both of which Roy Allison had his hands in.

 I never had the opportunity to hear those predecessors to the Allison One (if I may call them that) but after being around the AR drivers for so many years and experiencing RA’s A1 and The IC 20, I’ve got a pretty good idea of how cool they MUST be.


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