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Advent 1 Woofer Question


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Allegedly the Masonite-ringed woofers (OLA) are identical to the metal-stamped woofers (NLA) except for the basket, but the NLA ran them a little more open (in terms of frequencies reproduced) than the OLA, and I think Zilch may have tested them both a few years back (I don't have the links on hand).  I can't remember if he verifiably did test both and what the results were, but a few quick Google searches along that route might provide the answers you're looking for.

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The New Advent and Advent/1, however, use the same woofer. The difference is the cabinet size.

Also, the Masonite woofer and all-metal woofer would not be considered identical since the Masonite woofer has a bit longer excursion (Pete B. has measured them) but, in all practicality, they are the same. Same cone.


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