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  1. Is Advent 1 woofer identical to the New Advent woofer?
  2. I want to buy two New Large Advent woofers. Metal frame, square magnet, original cone and voice coil. Surround condition is not important. Thanks
  3. rwh

    Advice on New Large Advent

    RickB, Thanks! That worked. Anyway, here is my NLA crossover, original except mylar caps replace original NPE.
  4. rwh

    Advice on New Large Advent

    Guido57, I got curious and took the woofer out of one. It is an air core and that is what I seemed to remember. It looks like a magnetic core inductor at first glance, but the center is hollow. The wire seems to be about 20 gauge. I have four New Large Advents I purchased new in 1978. I replaced the capacitors in them in the early 1990s when I took the woofers out to be refoamed. If you look at Pete Basel's photos in his article on the crossovers, you will see that the inductor in his picture looks like mine. I took a couple of pics with a screwdriver through the center of the bobbin and will attach them. At this point, I'm using the original inductor when I rebuild them. Well, I can't attach the the pics. I get an error message " There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 ". Whatever that means.
  5. rwh

    Advice on New Large Advent

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. I'm certain the inductor is air core at this point, but I think what I'm going to do is make a new crossover. I'm going to get a new plate for the terminals using banana jacks. Since the only switch position I use is "Normal", I only need an inductor, two caps in parallel to get 13uf, and a 1.5 ohm resistor ( 1.0 plus .5 to allow for the lower ESR of the polypropylene capacitor). I have four speakers so I'll still have a stock pair, although I recapped the crossovers in the early 1990s with mylar caps ( the best I could find at that time). I bought these in 1978 and they are nicer than new since I finished the wood with low gloss Formbys. I always thought of the "Extended" position as a sort of a "showroom" position to make them sound as loud and bright as possible. I can hear the harshness of the upper end of the woofer since the inductor is shorted out. Way too bright and harsh in the lower treble. Again, thanks.
  6. I previously rebuilt my New Large Advents about 25 years ago and I want to update the crossovers with better capacitors. I recall that they had one or two sheets of foam inside. What be the best material to fill them with? Leave the foam, replace the foam with poly fill, etc? Also my recollection is that the inductor is an air core. Assuming that, I suppose that it makes no sense to replace it. I notice that Parts Express has an air core inductor that has identical in L and R. Thanks.
  7. I‘ve been a member for a year or so, but this is my first post. I recently got a deal on a pair of Legacy II and Prodigy II speakers: $10/pair. The drivers and crossovers are good except the woofers need refoaming. I realize these are not the greatest speakers, but I couldn’t pass them up at the price. Cosmetically, they need a some work. My question is about replacing the grill cloth. They both have plastic grill frames and I’m concerned about how to attach the new cloth to the frames. I watched a video from Simply Speakers in which they put a bead of their glue on the back edge of the plastic grill frame, let the glue partially dry, and then stretch the cloth and embed it in the glue. It looks easy when they do it. I also have some very durable, sticky Duck brand double-sided tape that I think might work. I would appreciate any advice. Also, I would appreciate any advice on the best source for new surrounds for the Legacies. BTW, I have four New Large Advents I bought in 1978. Pristine condition; the only modification is recapping the crossovers with film capacitors and, of course, refoaming (twice). I still love them, although I usually listen to other, more modern speakers. Thanks, Bob
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