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Listening to the pine 3a w/ alnico woofer...


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I have had this one speaker put away for almost two years now...hoping by now to have found a mate. But...nope...nada.

I got it out to play it a bit...and this speaker sounds so damn good....tweeter strong...mid is excellent...and that honey bass...I JUST HAVE TO FIND A MATCH!

I have even saved a tweeter...mid...and an alnico woofer in case I ever found a bad one. They are more rare than I ever imagined! Please....if anyone ever runs across one...please..please contact me.

The weird thing being in construction forever, I have always HATED pine...but this one had such great graining...and the work I put into it to get it right...has made me really attached to it. Being a stellar sounding 3a doesn't hurt either....:)

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4 hours ago, lakecat said:

The weird thing being in construction forever, I have always HATED pine...

I have spent most of my career in design and construction as well, but it is much too easy to categorize all pine varieties as having the same characteristics. Nonetheless, at times I have sometimes held a similar bias resulting from an aversion to 'knotty pine'.

Species or genus?....I dunno, but I'm neither a botanist nor an arborist. Within this 'family' of softwood, southern yellow pine is reputed for its superb structural values while west coast ponderosa pine and eastern white pine have very different attributes .  

Pic attached was taken to document the water staining resulting from the failure of a watertight seal on a factory window sash, but these sills and all of the interior trim plus most flooring for a 3000+ s.f. custom residence were fabricated from salvaged eastern white pine - probably old growth timber - and its linear grain structure and coloration are consistent and superb.

Your search for a matching AR-3a cabinet in pine will hopefully turn up before long, lakecat. Years ago, I had little appreciation for these unfinished pine AR cabinets, but nowadays, I find myself drawn to all of the 'blonde' (pine, birch, korina) cabinet finishes. 

sill oct '14.jpg

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