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AR2a woofer stopped working suddenly


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Welcome Becker

I don't know what to call that wire but if there is a break then yes--that would make it stop working. The wire connects the terminal to the voice coil.

Those are really nice old speakers. Hoping another member can advise you on repairs. If they were mine I'd probably contact Bill LeGall http://www.millersound.net/contact-bill-legall-millersound.html but let's see if there is a DIY solution.

Another option may be Vintage AR's rebuild service https://www.ebay.com/itm/ACOUSTIC-RESEARCH-AR-2a-AR-2ax-10-WOOFER-REBUILD-SERVICE/163730356419?hash=item261f16f8c3:g:J7QAAOSwLSBc~~aM

Or check ebay for an original aluminum frame AR-2, 2a or 2ax woofer.


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On 11/9/2019 at 3:34 PM, becker158 said:

Could someone tell me what that wire is called?

The thicker conductor is the tinsel and connects the woofer terminal to the rivet that is supposed to be in the cone. Tinsel is very flexible and is typically a braided conductor with many very thin strands. The thin wire from the rivet extends to the voice coil (VC) and is the lead from the VC. The VC lead should be attached to the cone between the VC and the rivet (that is the purpose of the thin black line of stuff on the backside of the cone).

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I would just buy another one, or two or more, it's that easy  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-early-One-AR-2-woofer-alnico-speaker-AR-logo-in-frame-WorkS/392527433381?hash=item5b64754ea5:g:t~kAAOSwrxpdwN~F

I have spares of tweeters, midranges, and woofers. In this AR hobby there's no other way to operate.

It hinges on how serious one is about their speakers.

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RTally offers excellent advice, but you should also test the driver to confirm electrical continuity. If you get an open circuit reading, inspect for broken wire. The tinsel is pretty robust, but the VC wire is delicate and could present a challenging repair. In this throw-away society, I'll typically advocate research, repair, and re-use over buy, buy, and buy some more. In this hobby, there is more than one way to operate.  

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 It boils down to two things, personal philosophies and personal economics. 

 And in addition to that I always say; “Fore warned, is for armed”

 It could happen at a time when it’s inconvenient and a hassle (it always is)so, it’s better to have spare drivers on hand so if it happens again, you simply take the short time to grab a spare, pop it in and continue listening. Sure beats locating one for sale, going through the usual problems of waiting and hoping one arrives safely and still not being sure if it’ll work correctly, let alone locating a good one for sale.

I’ve been there before and bought/took any chance I had to stock-up and be prepared for the worse. This is why I own multiples of AR drivers and because I have reserved units, I’m never afraid to turn up the volume when needed. As an AR speaker owner going on 49 years now to be exact so, I’ve been there many times before. Of course it depends on one's priorities but, I'm talking about very old, discontinued speakers here.

I do agree that in these modern times we live in a ‘consumerist-society’ and it’s certainly different from how I grew-up but, that’s the way it is and in this life time, with-in reason, there’s no sense in denying oneself of what’s available.

Many here if not all have more than one set of speakers, it’s what we do out of desire and hobby related necessity. Additionally if you’re enamored as much as I am about these materialistic items, because that’s what they are, their age and scarcity are considerable. Just look at the way their cost has sky-rocketed in this last decade alone.

If you want something and can afford it, flaunt it. Life is way too short. What’s that expression when one dies? “He who has the most toys, wins”.

P.S. I still have my original “Beatle” boots I bought in 1964 (though feet like ears become bigger the older one becomes) and my original Fender Bassman amplifier I bought new in late 1967 which a year ago I had re-capped.   I paid $250. new, boxed for the amplifier in NYC at either “Sam Ash” or “Manny’s” I don’t recall which and in as good condition as mine is, I could easily get $1,000.+ for it, though I will never sell it as I still use today. I thought about buying another but, they're too costly these days and too big in size to have two of them floating around here.

P.S. 2  So yeah, I agree, attempt to repair it first but, as I said be prepared to replace it or at least have a spare or two.


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