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Speaker face up on bench + cats = bad.

Lucky Pierre

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Hey Peter, I have two sets of AR4x's. One set (1968) has smooth cones and the other set has ribbed cones like yours. I don't know what the differences may be, but I would look for one that matches. Shouldn't be too hard to find. 


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Too much catnip?

Sorry to see that misfortune, Peter. I've had good success repairing small tears in paper cones, but that cone of yours appears beyond fixable. I suppose re-coning is always an option, but the cloth surround and mesh dust cap present unique conditions that will make that process a real challenge. Maybe Millersound is capable of the repair, but I suspect procuring a suitable replacement woofer would be less costly. BTW, is that woofer from the pair of 4x's you picked up at the spring fest?

16 hours ago, lARrybody said:

I don't know what the differences may be...

Yeah, me neither....this is a good question. Despite the variations in appearance, I've always thought that the various 4x woofers had similar performance attributes. I know I've seen at least three types-colors-textures of 4x cones, and maybe some minor differences in basket profile or construction. At some point, the 4x switched from using a #4 to a #5 coil, but I don't know if this reflected a change in the magnet structure or some other concurrent adjustment to the woofer specs.  

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Thanks Robert.

Yes, this is one of the ones I picked up in the spring.  The cabinet restoration came out really nice.  I was laid off at the end of March, and just started working again.  All the hobbies were put on hold during the interim.

I don't think too much catnip.  Just a big, 14 pound cat looking for a comfy place to sit!


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