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Rattling noise at some low frequencies from AR-4x?


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I bought recently a pair of AR-4x speakers. The grills were never removed.

Pots seem to be not functional (maybe they were replaced by L-pads), but the sound is good, although I cannot compare this sound to the original best sound these speaker produced, because this is the first time I have them.

Now, there is a little annoying issue: certain jazz acoustic bass sound (like the one of Charlie Haden) results in rattling coming somewhere from speakers, or surroundings, at some low frequencies. Other acoustic bass sounds - like the one from Gary Peacock, do not produce rattling, because they are somewhat flatter. I keep the bass control knob on my amp at neutral, 0.

I tested them at 45% volume.

I discovered that when I reduce the amp bass control from 0 to -10, I don't hear rattling on those certain frequencies. I drive these speakers with Sony Audio Control Center, 2 x 100 W amp.

I wonder if AR-4x speakers are known for producing rattling when too much bass is sent from the amp?? Or, it is probably more likely that they need some repair.

I will take them to one vintage stereo repair shop soon, but I wanted to know if anybody else experience this issue.




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Be careful if you go to an “expert”. Your 4x’s will need new 20uF capacitors and L-pads but the woofer surrounds are cloth and should be ok. Maybe get a repair estimate and report back here so we can see what the expert proposes. Unfortunately we have seen some botch jobs done by experts.

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