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AR3 Rheostat Question


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Hi all! On to my next project, AR3 restoration. I’ve been using the AR-3a Restoration Guide, which has been very helpful. I’ve got myself into a predicament. As I was cleaning one of the rheostats, my brush caught the coil and ripped it out. Like the others, this particular unit didn’t seem to have the hardened material that keeps the coil in place. The other 3 units are clean and usable. So, do I purchase a single, new L-pad w/ resistor noted in the guide or do I try to find a replacement rheostat. Or maybe I replace all of them with L-pad and resistor.  I want to ensure both speakers match as best I can. Input appreciated!  I’ve attached a pic of the damaged unit to show others what NOT to do. Without the hardened material to hold in place, I don’t think it could be saved anyway. 


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Update! May have gotten ahead of myself. After testing the 3 “clean” units, only 1 has correct readings. That being said, I’m going to opt for all new L-pads + resistor to replace the original rheostats......unless I’m swayed in a different direction. 

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I cast my vote for L-pads. Cleaned-up rheostats will just go bad again in a couple of years.

If you "must" have pots for authenticity, an ebay seller has DEJUR 15 OHM 25 WATT RHEOSTAT for $20 each but you'd have to make some kind of enclosure. I did that using Ohmites for my 3s but what a PITA. The Ohmites are now selling for about $55 each (!) on Mouser.

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