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Tweeter 200011-1 new foam ring

Giorgio AR

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I found some foam with open cells coming from a sanitary equipment package and I decided to reconstruct the original tweeter rings that had deteriorated over the years with this material.
The thickness is 3 mm., The 2 sheets of foam are right for the diameter of 2000011-1 tweeters.
For cutting use scalpel with blade No. 11, as a cutting mold I used the mirror of my moped Ciao !! For the cut of the dome seat a cork of a bottle of mineral water (in one of the 2 rings made I used a cap too wide, but then I redid the work with the correct mask, the previous ring will be glued to conform to the ring correct.
The white circle will be executed as soon as I find a cylinder with the right diameter to print the white color on the foam.
The photos illustrate the material, the work and the final result.











This is the foam in which I had the wrong internal hole, then redone!




Foam thickness of 3 mm.




Foam transparency



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It will be a good job when there is also the white ring, I have to find a tube with the right diameter and adequate thickness, I am a perfectionist and I will be satisfied when I compare the final result with the original tweeter, thank you for your approval,


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I had not seen this, the restoration of the AR12 is great, GD70 has excellent manual skills and performs wonderful restoration work on the veneer!
Looking at the photos, it seems to me that GD70 has used a thin sheet of neoprene, I also have a sheet of this material and I will try to make more tweeter rings with this material, I think it is easier to make the white ring.
I do not have the possibility of using specific equipment, but I try to do everything with my own hands and the simple tools I have.
Very nice reconstruction work on the AR12 grilles, as soon as I can I will publish a post with the photos of the reconstruction of the grilles of my AR10PII replica

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Thanks IARrybody, I saw the attached page of Audio Karma, I will have to look at all the remaining pages: the manual work and finishing of the details executed by GD70 is very meticulous and respectful of the originality of the AR speakers.
These are sincere congratulations for the love and care of our wonderful speakers.
Having 15 pairs of AR speakers, not all with perfect cabinets, the repair of small (or obvious defects) of the veneer will be one of my future jobs, in the past I have collected many pieces of veneer (it is however difficult to find American Walnut in Italy ) and sooner or later I will carry out the arrangement of the external appearance of the cabinets, I leave this work last because I will have a single prolonged carpentry work (like a stage) so as to perform a long and great single job and to refine my skills in the carpentry!
P.S. I remind everyone that I use google translate, I apologize if not everything I write is in correct English !!!!!

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