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KLH Model 12s in RI


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4 hours ago, RickB said:

These could be really nice but I would ask for some pix!

Agree. The Twelves are great speakers that sell for less than what they should be worth because very few people want such big speakers. If you can get them home and you have the room (and you rebuild the external crossover boxes) they are truly wonderful.

Here's a very long thread on the Twelves. Several re-cap projects and a nice pic near the end of the thread of the Twelves in a listening room. Big, mid-century modern beauties.

They MUST be re-capped. Those old capacitors are beyond their life expectancy. The good news is you don't have to use "audiophile" caps. Inexpensive mylars and/or NPEs will work fine. I also recommend replacing the 5w resistors with 10w.



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Hi RickB, 

I didn't even notice this thread you started in November, but as it turns out, a friend of mine who is into vintage audio picked up these speakers in Rhode Island several weeks ago. They are in very good condition, and he and I will restore them as a winter project. Pic attached shows innards of boxes. 


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