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Painting oak veneer (cross-posted in Allison forum)


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Hi all - this question is general in scope but specific for my mint oak-finish Allison Nines that I found recently.  They are sonically and physically perfect, but in my new listening room the oak finish is a little...off.  I've repainted the front panel of two pairs of AR-3s with a flat black paint and a foam brush to freshen them up, and it looked great.  But I've never done veneer, and I know you can't reverse the process.

So, two questions:

  1. Am I insane to consider doing this?
  2. Has anyone done something similar to their ARs (probably the later models), and how did it come out?

Thanks all!

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13 hours ago, genek said:

Allison oak as always looked "a little...off" to me, so I'm not objective on whether or not you're insane. But I wouldn't paint them flat black. I'd strip and sand them, then dye them black and apply a satin topcoat over that.

Interesting (not the stripping and sanding part, but the "dye them black" part.)  How do you dye veneer (and what do you use)?  Is it like applying Watco oil?

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This vid is a comparison of stain vs dye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3Ysfw0LmMw  and it shows using ebony dye.

Gene: You've inspired me to try dyes. Here's a question regarding npt3's speakers: Since dyes soak in, are they suitable for refinishing projects? I'd be concerned that any residue of the original finish may cause a problem.


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