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ar3 grills


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Is it possible to get the grill off of an ar3 speaker without breaking it? I tried to get the first one off with no luck. The second one is on a near flawless ar3. I hate to damage it. It has the beige plastic feeling grill. I really would like to keep these grills even if the second one breaks as well. Is it possible to attach these to  frames I got from Vintage AR? The one speaker is just beautiful and the other looks very good. I want to keep these as original as possible. They don't need to be sanded down there fine the way they are. Though I do need to get in there to change the caps(there not the old oil caps) Any advice on the grills would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ken  

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Hi arken!

To remove the grills, you need to bow them out in the middle so the top and bottom edges can be lifted or lowered away from the recessed channels on top & bottom. As you know, they are extremely fragile and most likely break.

I made new grill frames from 1/4 inch MDF. The matching fabric can be bought from a Canadian company. I have the info at home and can add it tonight.

They came out great, and are far stronger than the originals.


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