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  1. Oh, i got that ar3 mid image from google. Comes from this thread
  2. Thanks fellas. Yes, the cabs look like black felt and not great. I'm thinking you may bee right JKent, A.11 mid that is now backwired. That is my main concern really. I can't listen to themand I'm just worried that mid may be an ar5 mid that had been thrown in at some stage. I guess it's unlikely, but it's be nice to be sure. Would almost certainly need hivi tweeters to get anything close to original sounding.
  3. Hi all, just wondering if anyone might have a chance to comment on whether these mids and woofers look like what I think they are before I throw my hard earned at these speakers. From what I can tell, the mid on the left looks to be the most common 3a mid(70-76). Not sure if the mid on the right is an ar3a or an ar5 mid. Any opinions would be appreciated. Also, do the woofers appear to be ones with alnico drivers? And, would they originally have had cloth surrounds? I have used the hivi tweeters before in my ar5's, so would look at doing this again if the tweeters didn't stack up. Appreciate any thoughts.
  4. Thanks for the tips. Re. the 440ml, do you know if the vm540, which has replaced it still do as good a job? The Ortofon 2M red is about a third the price of the AT over here. Maybe that's the best option. Do you think I'd notice a significant improvement over my current AT95E?
  5. Yes, great track, eh! I walked into the local charity shop just after someone dropped off a stack of vinyl including that album. Good day. Thanks for the feedback. I'm very happy with the 5's post resto and now with the correct woofers.
  6. Thanks Kent, I think I'll look into that recap. There is definitely a difference in sound when the 5's are connected to my father's Perreaux amps. Not massive, but enough to be really pleasing. A recap of the 555a might close the gap. The old Perreaux's were bought for a few hundred dollars 10 years ago. Now, they cost a fortune, so out of my range. The amp below the 555is a Sansui 101. It has been recapped and sounds great with the 18's.
  7. OK, I said I'd give it a go. I have very little experience with videos, and the file seems huge, but here goes. My system is probably as basic as it gets around these pages. The AR5's are powered by a Sansui 555a that is a little rough around the edges, and a XB77 tt. I have tried using the Sansui as a pre to the crown you can see in the vid, but seem to get better results from the 555a alone. I'm sure there are amps that would get better results, but I can't could afford any of the top gear. Used Adcom/McIntosh etc rarely come up here in Aus and fetch prices way out of my league. I don't believe the 555a has been recapped, so maybe that would be a step in the right direction. I've never worked on an amp, but would give it a go if recommended. These 5's had shot tweeters and replacement woofers when I got them. After recapping and installing HiVi tweeters, I then managed to score some original woofers which have really helped. The speakers are 7' apart and 8" from wall, not toed-in. I usually just listen to spotify prem. via bluetooth, but I am thinking about upgrading the AT95 cartridge. I only caught the AR bug fairly recently and find myself enjoying vinyl again. Any suggestions in the $100-300 range would be appreciated. TinPanSams6s.mp4
  8. Another big thanks to Roy. His advice helped give me the confidence to start tinkering with upgrades/restos. Prior to that, my new soldering iron was simply a paperweight. Much appreciated Roy.
  9. I'm happy to post a vid if I can work out how. I'll give it a go. I can't actually see your video though. It just says "No video with supported format and MIME found" Does the video have to be converted to a particular format before attaching?
  10. ra.ra, my apologies for taking so long to reply. Here is a pic of the completed AR6 with the 037 woofer. I have been listening to the recapped 5's pretty much exclusively, but have the AR6's playing at the moment. I think new seals are required to get the best out of those 037's, but they are sounding very nice.
  11. Thanks, ra.ra. I will do some comparisons between the 18's with the 001 woofers and these ar6's when I get a chance. My initial thoughts were the 6's bass was maybe a little deeper, whereas the 18's have that fantastic precision. I haven't looked into the figures at all so I have no idea what each should be capable of. I do remember reading a thread about what models people loved the most and someone said they wouldn't be surprised if the 6's or 7's got a mention. I may still have access to another pair of 200001-1 woofers, so will probably be tempted to give them a go now I am a little more confident. It might be a while though. The ar5 project has really turned out to be the big winner for now. At some stage I should start a new thread to get some thoughts on recapping my 9LSi's. From what I've read the configuration of the crossover board sounds fairly daunting. Are they bit too tough for a novice?
  12. Thank you for the kind words. I can honestly say I would never have attempted this without all of your help and encouragement. I will take your advice and leave well enough alone.They sound fantastic. Time to just kick back and enjoy them.
  13. Completed the recap today and all went well. I removed the old cap boxes. There was a fair bit of black tar-like stuff around, so all that is clean now. The recap hasn't had quite the impact of the ar6 recap, but there is a significant improvement. Livelier, and the bass is snappier. The HiVi drivers have really done the job. I think I'll replace the gasket that came with it with the cork gasket I've used on the woofer. Will probably do the same with the mids. But that will do, I think. Thanks again to everyone that chipped in with advice, much appreciated.
  14. Thanks, sarals. Appreciate you sharing your impressions. I am part of the way through this ar5 recovery. Tonight, I completed the HiVi mod and installed the new tweeters. I still have the recap to do, maybe tomorrow. First impressions, without the recap, absolutely rapt with the new tweeters. They have really brought these speakers back to life. I'll post a pic, so happy for any feedback as to whether it looks ok, or not. RoyC, you really nailed it. The old tweeters, even prior to one completely failing, were clearly as you say "compromised". The sparkle is back, and if the recap makes half the difference it did in the ar6's, well I'll be over the moon. Will report back when the remainder of the work is done. Btw, ra.ra, the bass seems to be right now that the speakers are more balanced. It seems that the 040-2a woofers will be fine. What a relief! That ar5 mid really is something special.
  15. Hi all, A quick update on the AR6 recap....Had a go at it last night. First, I removed the old resistors from the non-ar woofers and soldered them onto the 037 drivers with the 2 x 12uF caps. Being my first attempt at soldering, it was a bit tricky. I was worried that some hot solder might drop onto the cone, so I was a bit anxious. Anyway, it seemed to work in the end. I didn't bother using hot glue for this because all sat nice and secure with plenty of room (thanks everyone for the advice re. using the NPE caps for this). Replacing the blue caps on the crossover board was a fair bit easier. I used the connectors for this and will probably go this way in future, wherever possible. The only issue was that the black wire going to the cap was very short. I managed to strip it back enough to enable the connection, so all good. Used a hot glue gun for the first time to secure the 10uF Dayton caps. All back together now. Was it worth it? Sure was ! The 037 woofers seem to be a very nice match, now that they have the r/c added. I was nearly going to take the 200001's out of my 18's, but in the end I went with ra.ra's suggestion of giving the 037's a try. The bass is very pleasing. Much better than without the r/c components. In fact, much better than I had hoped. The new Dayton caps have made a huge difference. The sparkle is definitely back. I don't feel like I am missing any of the ambience anymore. Vocals sound sensational. Thanks everyone for your help with these. I'm so glad to have my first venture into speaker restoration under my belt. Now I can tackle the ar5's with a bit of confidence.
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