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  1. Hello all, Over the last few months I have been noticing that my left speaker has been becoming dull. Initially blaming it on room acoustics and my ears, Ive decided to investigate the issue. It turns out that the left tweeter is "seized " and has very little movement compared to the other one. So I pulled out my spare tweeters(older) and discovered that one of them exhibits the same difference in movement. So I have used the "good ones" from the pair and used them for now. But I still hear a mild difference. As in the image sort of shift to the better tweeter especially in recording with female voices. Also the silver outer of the tweeter now don't match and the paper colour is slightly different and this is driving me nuts! So I want to go ahead and do an all out restoration on both the pair. What would you advice me to do? Turn it in to a professional ? Or try the DIY method? If there is professional who can do a great job on this, I don't mind shipping them to the US or UK (I'm from India). Theses speakers are very dear to me and hold a lot of sentimental value. So I don't mind spending some monies on them! Any pointer to the professional who can do this or a DIY kit would be highly appreciated ! Many Thanks, Sudhir
  2. Good day All! After a long silence I am back to playing with my speakers again. Background: I had a pair of not so good AR18s and bought another pair just for the drivers. The spare tweeters bought in a new life to my boxes. The old woofer had butchered voice coils and woofer material, so I swapped them too and now it sounds all pleasant. Why did I not just use the second speaker box? Well the front baffle on the donor was all patchy and mine was mint. I also upgraded my Rotel RA-414 to a Pioneer A-676 and wow! I am a super happy man! The Rotel now pair with the Minimus 7 in my home office. Now I am sitting on a pair of old tweeters and woofers and was wondering how I could put them to good use. 1. I have a AR93 with shot tweeters and would like to use these tweeters on them. How do I get around to refurbishing them? I believe there is an expert on this forum who services them. I wouldn't mind having someone hand carry them to the USA and have it shipped locally to him. 2.The woofer: I have never repaired a woofer ever, but I am confident I will be able to do a mechanically correct job( if not cosmetically). But what do I do with the woofers? Make an opposing box (like the AR93s bottom end) and make a small sub-woofer unit? I know this requires lot of calculations and probably is not worth it as the woofer may not go very low in a sealed box. The other option is to make a cabinet larger than the AR18 ( 17/25/28) and use an exotic tweeter like an AMT to make a hybrid? 3.Use the woofers in the lower cabinet in the configuration they are in now (see pic), seal the tweeter opening and make a (some kind of) hybrid AR94? If I ditch the cabinets, I would like to get rid of the rear switch , binding posts and logos (basically whatever is salvageable) and give it to who ever need them for free on this forum. I have friends travelling almost every alternate month and can do a local courier in the US. I would rather they go to someone who has some use for them instead of hoarding them. Regards, Sudhir
  3. Im using this multimeter http://metravi.com/single-product.php?prod=XB-33CF I am assuming it uses 1khz because all the other capacitors measured fine. ?
  4. So I bought a new multi-meter and decided to check the resistance of all the drivers on my AR18. So far so good. All drivers (woofers and tweeters) showed a good 5 ohms. While I was at it I also checked the capacitors I replaced. Still good there. showed about 6uF. On a hunch, I checked the older capacitors which were still in the cabinet. While one showed 7uF the other showed a insane 18.5 uF. Now using the calculator http://www.carstereo.com/help/Articles.cfm?id=1 , I figured the hi pass as intended by the company would be 5300hz. But with the wonky capactor it would be 1766hz. Would that have damaged the tweeter in the past? Sorry for such a noob question! Here is the older thread on rebuilding them
  5. Thanks Giorgio! Will be heading to my parents place in a week! will measure and post results here!!
  6. Thank you! Any idea how much the #200001-1 should measure?
  7. Thanks Gentlemen! Now what should the resistance of the individual drivers be? I want to make sure no one has messed with the voice coils!
  8. @DavidR thanks for the reply. I have a pair of AR18 tweeters . I will replace the tweeters with along with a 4uF capacitors. The resistors too will be changed. Im only worried about the effect the surrounds might have. Who ever did it seemed to have done a good job. But do the dust caps look authentic?
  9. I was home for the holidays and dad showed me his latest find. A pair of not so well kept AR94ER . The speaker appear to be intact except for the tweeter which has been replaced along with the capacitor which is now 3.5μF. I have a pair of spare tweeter for a AR18 project and a few 6μF capacitors to start experimenting with. Now I am wondering if the rest of the drivers are intact as I think they are. Please give me your suggestions. 1. Full speaker. Someone decided to give it a go with a silver paint can. 2.Closeup of surround and woofer material. (is this the original?) 3.Middle driver - speaker A 4.Middle driver - inside (surround seems to be stuck from behind, I though it was supposed to be from the front?) 5.Lower driver - speaker A 6.Crossover -speaker A 7.Middle driver - speaker B 8.Lower driver - speaker B 9.Crossover -speaker B 10. Tweeter ( dont know what tweeter this is ) Now if I get the original tweeters for this is it worth the time and money? I can have my neighborhood carpenter sand and spray the cabinets black again. Replace the tweeter and capacitor. But are the woofer and the materials clean enough? The plastic top and bottom are fine and intact. Cloth is reasonably good , but could use a wash. Dad uses a TSW 510 right now. Even though they are a bit bright, they work well with his ears. How do these speakers fair against the TSW. I use AR18s and love them to bits. Would these sound closer to the 18s? Regards, Sudhir
  10. Wow, thats a lot of work! Very nice results!
  11. Finally the other pair of the AR18s arrive. The front baffle looks nasty, but it is the drivers I am interested in. My 18's need the original woofer so I swapped the woofer. The mid is very clean and transparent , but the base seems to be bloated! Moving them away from the wall and cutting down the bass to -1 on the amp seems to solve the problem. There is a difference in the rear of the woofer (magnet) between my old ones and these . Is this something i should be concerned about? Second picture shows the print on the underside of the cone from the donor speaker. So do I now have the original? Will be making the foam rings tomorrow to complete them. Will bother with the re veneering next month!
  12. Hello People, A very dear friend of mine from Nashville, Tennessee is looking for a Amplifier for a a AR-2ax he bought recently. I'm trying to help him find an Amplifier at a reasonable price. He is looking for a simple but clean Integrated amp with or without a Phono (although that would be a bonus). Any leads, kind people? Regards, Sudhir
  13. sudhir

    AR93 EQ

    This is my next dream! To find an unmolested AR turntable. Haven't seen one in India yet...
  14. sudhir

    AR93 EQ

    This reminds me of the Grado / ALESSANDRO arrangement! What I specifically wanted to know was if the inside woofers of the left and right speakers need to "see" each other ?
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