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  1. Hi all, I'm considering purchasing the AR-4X speakers and I would like to know which model is preferred among AR collectors; the 4, 4X or 4XA? Thanks, Jimmie Holland
  2. I just happened to stumble across the ebay listing a couple days ago and the seller had it listed for $89.99 and it was the second driver he sold. I wish I could have purchased both midrange drivers as they are difficult to find in good condition. Jimmie
  3. Thanks for your advise, how to I contact Roy C? Jimmie
  4. I don't understand, is Chris1this1 a website? Jimmie
  5. Would you please provide the contact information where I can have the tweeters rebuild? Thanks, Jimmie
  6. My tech was able to test my original AR-5 midrange driver and confirm that it was worn out. We installed the used AR-5 midrange driver that I found on ebay and it functions as it should. I wish there were replacement midrange or tweeter drivers available or if there were facilities that rebuild the AR-5 drivers that I might be able to preserve my AR-5's and enjoy the sound quality the produce. Thanks again for your advice, Jimmie Holland
  7. Hi Aadams, I have my tech coming out this morning and I will show him your instructions. Thank you, Jimmie
  8. Goodmorning, yes I've tried turning the controls on the rear of the speaker to see if it would help but still no output. I have a used midrange driver that I just received Saturday from an ebay seller that parted out his AR-5's which measured 4.8ohms which I plan on installing it this morning. I would be helpful to have a source for replacement parts and repair facilities for the AR-5 midrange drivers. Thanks for your input. Jimmie
  9. Hi, Have a set of Acoustic Research AR-5 speakers which were restored in 2016 by Human Speakers back east. The restoration included replacing all wires, tweeter and midrange controls, woofers re-foamed, new caps installed and binding post replaced. A few days ago while listening to jazz music I began to hear static/distortion from the midrange driver of the left speaker and all of a sudden there was no longer any output from the midrange driver. The speakers are 50 years old so I assumed that the driver is worn out. Is their anyone out there that may know of any rebuild services that specialize in rebuilding the AR-5 Midrange drivers or if replacement midrange drivers are available? I would appreciate any information that would help me resolve this issue. I love the sound quality of vintage AR speakers. Thanks, Jimmie Holland
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